National, State GOP Leaders Seek Delay In Certification Of Michigan’s Election Results

The Republican National Committee and Republican Party of Michigan are attempting to prevent the state's election results from being confirmed by reiterating President Donald Trump's baseless claims about widespread electoral fraud in Michigan.
RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel and Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox wrote in a letter Saturday asking Michigan's Board of State Canvassers to postpone confirmation of the state's election results for two weeks for "a full review and Investigation “of the alleged voting anomalies and irregularities. ”
McDaniel and Cox specifically called for a review of the results in Wayne County, which includes Detroit and which is home to a significant number of black voters and Democrats. Wayne County voted overwhelmingly for President-elect Joe Biden.
There is no evidence of significant electoral fraud in Wayne County - or anywhere else in Michigan (or the US at large). In their letter, McDaniel and Cox did not provide evidence of their allegations.
Michigan’s Board of State Canvassers - a four-person board responsible for confirming the votes of the state - is required by state law to complete certification of results by Monday, November 23. Two Democrats and two Republicans sit on the board.
But Trump and his allies worked hard to prevent this from happening, and even filed a federal lawsuit to stop the Michigan vote from being confirmed.
That lawsuit was dropped on Thursday, but Trump hasn't given up on efforts to undermine the state's election results. He invited Michigan GOP lawmakers to the White House on Friday in what the New York Times noted was an unusual interference by a president in state policy.
In a similarly intrusive move, Trump reportedly called Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, the two Republican members of Wayne County's acquisition board, on Tuesday.
Palmer and Hartmann had previously sparked controversy after refusing to confirm the county's election results. But the couple eventually agreed to certify them in the face of violent backlash.
However, the day after Trump's phone call, Palmer and Hartmann signed affidavits that they wanted to withdraw their certification votes.
However, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) said there is "no legal mechanism" for Palmer and Hartmann to withdraw their votes.
Biden was named the winner of the presidential election two weeks ago. He won 306 votes to Trump's 232 votes, according to the AP.
In Michigan, Biden currently leads Trump with over 155,000 votes.
Trump has not only refused to admit, but has repeatedly declared himself the winner of the presidential election.
"By the way, I won," he said again on Friday.
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