Nancy Pelosi Subtly Jabs Trump With Impeachment Vote Suit

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Made a quiet but pointedly fashionable statement during the second impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in honor of his first impeachment trial.
On Wednesday the House of Representatives voted 232-197 for Trump's impeachment and before the debate, Pelosi arrived in a familiar dark suit.
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Those who tuned in to the December 2019 impeachment debate in the House of Representatives when Trump was charged with abuse of power and obstruction of justice will remember Pelosi's gaze. She wore the same suit to both debates.
The legislator made a subtle change to its accessories on Wednesday from 2019.
In 2019, she wore a gold republic mace brooch on her suit. The symbol indicates the authority of the House of Representatives in the legislature. As Vox reported at the time, "it is a ceremonial baton that rests at the lectern during the session of the House and has been used in the past to restore order to the Chamber."
During the second impeachment, Pelosi wore a mask to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The accessory is necessary for security reasons, but speaks volumes about the last year in America and about Trump's presidency.
Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Is on hiatus after the House voted against President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Jan. 13. (Photo: Tom Williams via Getty Images)
Pelosi spoke to the House on Wednesday, describing Trump as a "clear and present threat to the nation".
"The President of the United States instigated this uprising, this armed uprising against our common land," she said. "He has to go."
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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