Multiple teams reportedly asking Rockets about trade for PJ Tucker

After close friend James Harden's departure from Houston, it seems like his seasoned teammate PJ Tucker has also been counting his days. Tucker is now 35 years old and is in the final year of his current contract. He and the Rockets have yet to agree on an extension.
Even without an extension, it made sense to potentially keep Tucker as the Rockets pushed Harden - a perennial all-star guardian and MVP finalist. With Houston's status as a title contender after trading with Harden in doubt, keeping Tucker on for the 2020-21 season (with no renewal) may not be enough to justify the risk of being knocked out without compensation in 2021.
Unless Tucker agrees to a new deal with the Rockets, it may make sense for the Rockets to investigate trades before March 25th. Per Kelly Iko from The Athletic, other teams are ready.
Tucker is known for his versatile defense, tenacity, and 3-point corner shooting. In his four seasons in Houston, Tucker averaged 6.7 points (37.3% with 3-pointers) and 5.9 rebounds in 32.0 minutes per game. A valued leader and a key voice in the locker room, Tucker hasn't missed a single game in the regular season or playoffs for the Rockets.
He is from 2012-13 and has played in most of the games by an NBA player. Therefore, his market should be robust even at the age of 35 as a coveted front court role player for title contenders.
PJ Tucker's agent recently met in person with Rocket's GM Rafael Stone
Rockets, PJ Tucker, is reportedly hoping for a contract renewal agreement

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