Mom makes elaborate $5 Halloween costumes out of cardboard boxes. Get her step-by-step guide for a must-try costume

If you have cardboard boxes in the house - hello Amazon deliveries! - You could check out your next great Halloween costume.
Danielle Bevens, a mother of two in Alberta, Canada, created nearly two dozen elaborate Halloween costumes for her sons that included diapers and towels.
"I always wonder what mothers do with all those boxes because I have an abundance of cardboard," she said. "Every costume is pretty much made of paper, cardboard, paint and hot glue and whatever kind of economical clothing I need."
PHOTO: Danielle Bevens holds her son in a porcupine costume. (Danielle Bevens)
Not only does Bevens use items she already has, each costume costs her around $ 5.
Bevens, 23, is a mother who stays at home with Noah, 3, and Toby, 18 months. She started making Halloween costumes for her sons as a creative outlet last year.
PHOTO: Danielle Bevens' son wears a dragon costume. (Danielle Bevens)
She makes a new costume every few days in October and publishes photos of the costumes on Instagram.
So far this year Noah and Toby have been transformed into a porcupine, a Rubik's Cube and a "National Lampoon" character, among other things.
Towards the end of October, Bevens is giving away the costumes so other children can use them.
"I love doing things and Halloween is the best time," she said. "There aren't many other reasons over the year to just be creative and glue cardboard together."
"And every mother wants to see her kids in cute costumes," she added, "so who doesn't want a month of it?"
Are you ready to try your hand at a homemade Halloween costume?
Bevens gave step-by-step instructions on how to create a kids salad costume from just five materials.
PHOTO: Danielle Bevens' son wears a salad Halloween costume. (Danielle Bevens)
"So far, the salad costume has been one of my son's favorites," she said. "To be such a large costume, it was actually one of the easiest to make. The steps were simple and supplies were minimal."
PHOTO: Materials for Danielle Bevens' salad suit are shown. (Danielle Bevens)
1 t-shirt (one or two sizes larger than normal)
Green tissue paper
Construction paper or poster cardboard
Red balloons
Hot glue gun
1. Press the tissue paper in the middle and add glue.
2. Glue the tissue paper onto the t-shirt. Repeat until the shirt looks full.
3. Cut lettuce and leaf shapes out of the green construction paper.
PHOTO: Excerpts are shown for Danielle Bevens' salad costume. (Danielle Bevens)
4. Hot glue the shapes around the shirt / tissue paper.
5. Glue on two little red balloons to look like tomatoes.
6. Cut two cardboard salad forks for the child to hold, or use real forks / salad mixers instead.
PHOTO: Pictured here is a Danielle Bevens salad Halloween costume. (Danielle Bevens)
Editor's Note: This story was originally published October 22, 2018.
Mom makes elaborate $ 5 Halloween costumes out of cardboard boxes. Get their step-by-step guide on a Must-Try Costume that was originally published on

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