Mazda ranks first for reliability in Consumer Reports, dethroning Toyota, Lexus

Toyota and Lexus have always, or at least for the past six years, topped Consumer Reports' annual vehicle reliability survey. It was almost as natural as blue skies and taxes. No longer. Mazda dethroned them both and rose to # 1 for the first time.
According to the report, Mazda ranked number one with powertrains, using long-lasting (and funnier) six-speed automatic transmissions instead of CVTs, which tend to be more fragile. Mazda didn't rely on overly fancy infotainment systems either, bucking industry trends with cockpits that hinder the use of the screen while driving and encourage buttons and dials that can be operated without taking your eyes off the road. The most reliable Mazda was the MX-5 with 98 points out of 100, followed by the CX-30, CX-3 and CX-5, all of which scored 85 or better.
Overall, Toyota and Lexus are still well above average and come in second and third, respectively. Lexus has been affected by issues related to the LS, but CR did not specify the nature of these issues.
Buick was the most improved brand, jumping 14 places to fourth. The show was largely attributed to the Encore, which received a score of 91. Honda moved up seven positions to round out the top 5 but was denied a better position due to the Passport and Odyssey scores in the mid-30s.
Among the European brands, Porsche took the highest place with ninth place. BMW improved by five places to 12th place, while Audi retained its mid-pack position in 14th place and Mercedes took last place in 20th place among the German Big Three.
At the bottom of the list were Ford, Mini, Volkswagen, Tesla and Lincoln, which dropped eleven places to last place. The Ford Explorer in particular was recognized for having the fewest points of a model and, thanks to Gremlins with engines, bodywork, power equipment, electronics and transmissions, barely had a score of 1.
Tesla's newly launched Model Y crossover drew the electric car maker's booth to the penultimate point. Owners of the Model Y, which began production in January, reported misaligned body panels that needed to be fixed and mismatched, including in one case of human hair stuck in paint, according to consumer reports. Model Y ended up with a "much worse than average" reliability rating.
The ranking list is created annually on the basis of a survey of 300,000 vehicles.
Information from AP was used in this report.
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