Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor Talk Reuniting for MY LIFE IS MURDER

If you grew up in the '90s, you almost certainly were a little in love with Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor. The couple became fan favorites as Xena and Gabrielle in the legendary Xena: Warrior Princess. The girls quarreled through a fantastic landscape and were tough fighters, loving friends and maybe ... more. But it's been decades since we saw them together. Fortunately, that will change for us. In the coming second season, the finale of Lawless ’cozy crime series My Life Is Murder, O’Connor will be a guest. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we talked to both of them about Zoom - and tried not to die.
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Nerdist: It's so wonderful to talk to you guys. I could rave about the effects of Xena all day long! But I'll get to it in a moment. Lucy, when did you get the idea to integrate Renee into My Life Is Murder?
Lucy Lawless: I had it from the start when we were in Australia. For some reason we couldn't do it because we were still developing the show. But this time when we went to New Zealand, I said, with the hook or the crook, let's make it happen. And somehow, even though we were in a pandemic and it should have been impossible, my producers made it happen! It was a perfect storm, it should be easy and it was just magical. The odds, on the other hand, were so unpredictable and it was available!
And Renee, how was it for you when you got the call that it was actually going to happen?
Renee O'Connor: I was really stunned. Lucy reached in February
Lawless: We were in lockdown !!!
O'Connor: We had just survived a riot! (If you're saying we survived.) The last thing I thought about was that Lucy would invite me to New Zealand to film on her TV show. It was like a dream. So I was really shocked and thought, 'Whatever I can do to help me get there, let me know.' But like Lucy said, it was her production team that went straight to work and it found out. It really was such a surreal experience to travel from this very difficult place in America to the land of the gods and goddesses.
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What was it like to be reunited, not only working together on screen but back in New Zealand?
Lawless: It was so great for me. Having Renee there was like coming home. It was like you had been in the desert for so long and then got a cold drink like something you had in your childhood and it's the greatest thing ever.
O'Connor: It was kind of strange working together in modern clothes in a modern environment! We have to have these very sleek, glamorous looks. And then moving around picture frames and tables, which were actually quite pretty, was a bit of a trip! The last thing I remember is that I was still walking behind Argo.
It's not just the modern setting, it seems like the cat-and-mouse nature of My Life Is Murder is a far cry from the loving relationship the two of you had in Xena.
Lawless: Renee's character in it is the opposite of Gabrielle. And you can't believe how well Renee can play b ** ches !! People will be really surprised!
O'Connor: It was fantastic for me because I haven't been on set for so long. But I've done a lot of Shakespeare. After about three days the word fairy came out of Lucy's mouth and I thought of my character Clarissa and suddenly it all made sense. Clarissa plays everything like on stage, so I could think back to all of these different roles I played in Shakespeare and bring them back with me.
Did the collaboration make you want to work together again?
Lawless: Yeah, that's the easiest thing in the world, isn't it, Ren? We're actually working together behind the scenes next week. She actually helps me with a small private project. We're still working together, but no one will see.
O'Connor: In any case, I would definitely take the chance to do it again!
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Is there a dream version of returning to Xena and Gabrielle that you talked about or a version of them that excites you? Do you have personal hopes for them?
Lawless: Hope someone can bring it together because people tried. But it has always been hindered because they believe they can't do better than it was. And nobody wants to make a worse version. But I think there is a new generation coming, new filmmakers and new audiences out there. I think there is a way to honor the past and bring it to the now at the same time. Whether this concerns us or not, I want Xena and Gabrielle to keep going! While I think it would be really fun to repeat it in a way that is a little weird, I don't really want to wear this outfit. You don't want to see me in that outfit, guys !!
O'Connor: This new generation is so much more advanced. They feel so much more comfortable in their own skin than we did when we portrayed these iconic characters on screen. I agree with Lucy that I would be very happy to be a part of it, if only you could soak up this modern vibe that is happening right now. But I also agree that if it becomes something less than it deserves, in my opinion, it doesn't do it justice.
Lawless: The strange thing is that even though we now have many - and not all - options and words and ways for people to see themselves on screen, there is still so much need these days. And in many places it's still very difficult to be a minority. That fear and fear is very real. So this is the part of the world that is still crying out for these heroes. And that fear drove me to create this happy little show that ends with a dash of justice because the world just feels so unjust.
Every Monday new episodes of the second season of My Life Is Murder appear on Acorn.
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