Liz Cheney says the GOP risks becoming known as 'the party of white supremacy'

"It is particularly important for us Republicans to make it clear that we are not the party of white supremacy," said MP Liz Cheney. Getty
MP Liz Cheney said Tuesday the GOP "needs to make it clear that we are not the party of white supremacy".
Cheney, a Republican, said her party must condemn the symbols of hatred in the Capitol uprising.
She said the GOP had "a duty and obligation to stand against and against the insurrection".
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Republican MP Liz Cheney said Tuesday her party must act to prevent the GOP from becoming known as the "Party of White Supremacy" by opposing the extreme views held by many of the rioters during the May 6 riot. Represented January in the US Capitol.
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Cheney pointed out that members of the pro-Trump mob who stormed the Washington DC Capitol building had displayed symbols of anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and Confederation.
She said Republicans now have a "duty and obligation to stand against, to stand against the insurrection".
"It is very important that we ignore the temptation to look the other way," Cheney, the House's third-ranking Republican, said Tuesday during an online event organized by the Reagan Institute, as reported by CBS News.
She added: "It is very important, especially for us Republicans, to make it clear that we are not the party of white supremacy."
Cheney was one of ten Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted in January for indicting President Donald Trump for instigating the Capitol riot.
Since then she has been one of the most outspoken critics of the former president, who was acquitted in the Senate.
Her comments underscore the split in the GOP as it seeks to establish its identity in the White House without Trump. Cheney has faced significant backlash within the GOP for having crossed the party lines in the impeachment vote.
She defended her decision, insisting that she was "forced" to vote against Trump.
"Someone who provoked an attack on the United States Capitol to prevent the vote counting that killed five people who refused to get up immediately when asked to end the violence ... that is a person who does this. " I have no role as the leader of our party in the future, "she said after the vote.
Axios reported earlier this month that Kevin McCarthy, chairman of the minority House of Representatives, had asked Cheney to apologize for voting against Trump.
The motion, which Cheney appears to have denied, is said to have come ahead of a closed-house meeting of the GOP conference where colleagues overwhelmingly voted for Cheney to maintain her position as chair of the GOP conference.
Cheney also backed Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi's plans in February to set up an independent commission to investigate the Capitol riot.
According to CBS, Cheney said the commission should "keep a clear eye" on Trump's repeated claims that the November presidential election had been "stolen", as well as the media organizations that promoted Trump's false claims.
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