Leslie Jones says she 'wasn't very free' on 'Saturday Night Live' and doesn't miss the show 'at all'

Leslie Jones during the opening monologue in Studio 8H on Saturday, February 3, 2018. Will Heath / NBC
Leslie Jones starred on NBC's Saturday Night Live for five seasons, most recently in 2019.
The comedian and actress joined the show as a writer and became a standout player and performer in 2014.
She recently told Entertainment Tonight and USA Today that she didn't miss being on the show "at all".
"This job was tough, man. This job was like two jobs and also very restrictive. I wasn't very free there," Jones told ET.
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Leslie Jones surprised many fans when she announced that she was leaving Saturday Night Live in 2019 after starring in the sketch comedy series for five years.
Jones recently pondered her decision to leave the show in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier, and the actress revealed she has no regrets leaving NBC's Studio 8H.
"I don't miss it. At all," Jones said to Frazier. "This job was tough, man. This job was like two jobs and also very restrictive. I wasn't very free there."
Speaking to USA Today's Bill Keveny, Jones admitted she learned a lot from the show, and while she misses her former castmate Kenan Thompson, she is excited to see fans "really see" Leslie.
"I know it would be terrible for me to just say it like that," Jones told Keveny. "Of course I learned a lot at 'SNL'. I love what I learned there, but I (was) 47. It's a tough job. It's very restrictive. Now I'm free and you can really see Leslie. You can see what Leslie can do. What I learned there is great, but I don't miss the hundred hours a week. "
Jones is now hosting ABC's reboot of the Supermarket Sweep game show, and she told ET that she had "full creative control" of the show.
"It's just that a comedian's dream has come true," Jones said of hosting the game show, which premieres on Sunday.
In August 2019, Jones confirmed in an Instagram post that she was saying goodbye to "Saturday Night Live" by thanking her castmates and fans - and joking that she is "#NotDeadJustGraduating".
"Everyone needs to know that without these people, Leslie Jones couldn't have done what I did," Jones wrote of her Saturday Night Live castmates in August 2019.
The comedian joined the series as a writer and became a standout player and performer in 2014. She received an Emmy nomination for her role on the show. Jones was known for starring in the episodes of "Weekend Update" and the "Love and Leslie" sketch, in which she gave comedic updates about her romantic life.
She once portrayed Meghan Markle's third cousin in an etiquette sketch and Whoopi Goldberg in a parody of "The View," and former first lady Michelle Obama.
Almost a year after Jones left the show, Saturday Night Live is filming its 46th season in New York City with a live studio audience after completing its 45th season remotely to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.
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