Lego McLaren Senna GTR Turns Your Track Dreams Into ABS Plastic

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The fourth McLaren Lego set, featuring the Senna GTR, is the largest to date, largely because it uses the more detailed Technic building system.
With the help of the tech, the Lego designers were able to add a tiny V-8 engine with moving pistons and working Dieder doors (meaning they pivot forward and up).
The 830-piece Lego Technic McLaren Senna GTR will be available in January for $ 50.
If you find the million dollar plus price of a McLaren Senna GTR a little high, Lego will sell you one for $ 50. Sure, it won't be more than 800bhp, but it will have 1 Big Kid horsepower, and that's worth something. You can also take it anywhere instead of just being on the track like on the track.
Lego has released four previous sets of McLaren vehicles, all of which are part of the Speed ​​Champions line. This is the first official McLaren supercar made with Lego Technic parts. As such, it is made on a larger scale and enables a tiny V-8 engine with moving pistons, functional steering, opening Dieder doors and special blue stones. The new McLaren set is 30 cm long and designed for builders aged 10 and over. The new set will be available on January 1, 2021 - unfortunately not in time for Christmas gifts - and costs $ 49.99. In contrast to the real Senna GTR, two seats are standard in the Lego version.
Lego worked with McLaren designers to recreate the plastic hypercar's swoopy lines. A fair amount of prints (or stickers) on the Lego model make it look a bit busy, but the car is still easy to spot with its rear spoiler and roof-mounted steering wheel. Actually, this last article is only for the toy model. Despite these functional differences, McLaren Automotive's design director Robert Melville is a fan. "We're just as proud of the model as we are of the real car," he said in a statement.
Three of those earlier Lego McLaren sets were just the vehicles (and cool minifigure drivers): a P1 in 2015, a 720S in 2017 and a Senna in 2019. There was also a McLaren Mercedes Pit Stop in 2015. The scale for The new McLaren Senna GTR technology is big enough that the mini-figures don't fit and consists of almost as many parts as the four put together (852 versus 830 in the new set).
Give your favorite gift recipient (or yourself) an IOU for the new set due out on New Years Day and there are now plenty of other McLaren options for Lego fans.
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