Legal experts are freaking out about Bill Barr’s actions to help Trump win

Bill Barr
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Legal experts are increasingly alarmed by Attorney General William Barr's efforts to assist President Donald Trump in his re-election.
The attorney general has joined the president in attacking electoral integrity and civil rights protesters, and has described his role in the election in explicitly religious terms, which show Barr believes he represents "moral discipline and virtue" versus "individual rape," reported The Guardian.
"His abuses only increased as we got closer to the election and the president felt more and more politically vulnerable," said Donald Sherman, assistant director of citizens' responsibility and ethics in Washington. "I can't put it more clearly: the attorney general is a threat to American citizens who have free and fair access to voting, and a threat to Americans whose votes are counted."
Barr recently asked federal prosecutors to consider indicting demonstrators of sedition and designated New York City, Portland and Seattle as "anarchy" zones, which is helping Trump fuel hysteria over public safety.
"I think this attorney general is demonstrably more involved in the president's political success and the president's political agenda than any attorney general in history I can imagine," said Neil Kinkopf, a Georgia state law professor who worked in the office of served as legal advisor to Bill Clinton.
Kinkopf testified against Barr during his 2019 confirmation hearing when he warned Senators that the deeply Conservative Washington veteran believed in giving the CEO "breathtaking" powers.
"When I testified against him, I realized how dangerous unified executive theory is," said Kinkopf. "But what I didn't appreciate, and I don't think no one appreciated, was how extensively he would apply this theory in advance, not for rule of law values, but to advance both the president's and myself political agenda." Think deeper about Barr, his own social and religious obligations. "
The attorney general has accused Black Lives Matter protesters of creating chaos as part of a socialist revolution and has described himself as a bulwark in the struggle between good and evil.
"The Attorney General clearly sees himself as a fighter of cultural wars, which for him are moral and religious," said Kinkopf, "and in my opinion these are deeper obligations for him than the obligation to federalism and thus to the extent that the balance of . " Federal and state power hinders the achievement of what he wants to achieve in the culture wars, he is ready to throw this aside.
"So if there wasn't a culture war angle, I think he would take the position that states and local governments should oversee their own communities and that the federal government should stick their noses out," added Kinkopf. "But because he sees something at stake in the current protests that threatens what he sees as the right order of society, he is not concerned about using federal power to pursue what he sees as the right order Results. "
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