Katie Porter 'Strongly' Disagrees With Dianne Feinstein About The Coney Barrett Hearing

Many progressives were dismayed this week to hear Sen. Dianne Feinsteins (D-Calif.) Heaps of praise for this week's confirmatory hearing for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, which she called "one of the best hearings I've attended." “Designated. ”
The 87-year-old Democrat's comments on the Senate Judiciary Committee - accompanied by her subsequent hug with Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) - symbolized the party's inability to play hardball on court nominations and sparked an outcry among some Groups demanded their removal from the panel.
"It has undermined the position of the Democrats at every step of the process, from undermining demands for filibuster and reforming the court to thanking the Republicans for the most egregious takeover of the partisans in modern Supreme Court history," said Brian Fallon, Founder and Executive Director of Demand Justice, a progressive legal advocacy group.
On Friday, Rep. Katie Porter, D-Calif., A progressive rock star who has expressed interest in serving the Senate, said she disagreed with the California senator.
Porter specifically cited Barrett's evasive maneuvers in answering basic questions about health care, abortion, weapons, and even climate change as reasons why the hearings were a disappointment.
"I disagree with Senator Feinstein that these hearings were one of the best, or even acceptable," Porter said in an interview with HuffPost. “I think Amy Coney Barrett didn't answer basic questions about her beliefs and blocked herself repeatedly. We received far fewer direct responses than at most of the Supreme Court hearings. "
"I thought it was a very bad hearing," added Porter.
Democrats managed to land few, if any, blows against Barrett, a Conservative judge who once worked for the late Judge Antonin Scalia. They railed the trial as "illegitimate" and "fraudulent", especially after Republicans prevented President Barack Obama from appointing a Supreme Court Justice in a similar election year. And they cast the nomination as a vote that could jeopardize the future of the Affordable Care Act.
Even before this week's hearings began, Democrats expressed concern that Feinstein - the second-oldest lawmaker in Congress to win re-election in 2018 - would not be up to the task of leading her party in the Supreme Court battle. These concerns only deepened among some Democrats after the hearings ended.
"It is very difficult to watch a colleague in decline. It is even more difficult for this to happen in public," a Democratic senator, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told HuffPost on Thursday.
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