Katie Holmes Is 'So Authentically Herself' With Her New Boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx ended their six-year relationship last year - much of that time was spent keeping things under wraps. Holmes was supposedly the one who said it was over, but now she has a new love in her life, New York chef Emilio Vitolo. And things are different. These two are not hiding.
Holmes and Vitolo got off publicly for the first time last month and were seen smooching in Central Park and many other places.
"They love each other and can't get enough of each other," a source told Entertainment Tonight. Another adds, "In the past, Katie seemed to adapt to her partner's lifestyle. But with Emilio, Katie is so authentic."
The source also tells ET that the couple don't care about showing their happiness in public using a PDA. "This is the real Katie and she's playing by her own rules now," the source said. "You are so happy." Vitolo works at his family restaurant, Emilio's Ballato, a popular spot in Soho, and spends much of his time there, as does Holmes.
“Katie's like a teenage boy in love right now - he makes her dizzy!” A source told ET in September.
Vitolo is no stranger to the spotlight. Lots of A-listers love to eat at his restaurant, and he shares Instagram photos like this:
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But right now, Holmes appears to be the brightest star in its orbit. Awww, dear. It even blooms in 2020.
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