Josh Hawley Says He Will Not Be Intimidated By Mob That Cheered For Him

The junior senator from Missouri has heard criticism from colleagues, campaign donors, home state newspapers, and his book publisher, all of whom are mad at him for championing election fraud that sparked a riot at the Capitol last week.
But in a column for Southeast Missourian purporting to address that criticism, Senator Josh Hawley just repeated his lies.
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He wrote that he was right to protest the election result because "many Missouri citizens have deep concerns about the integrity of the elections," despite dozens of lawsuits across the country not founding a single allegation of electoral fraud.
He said he was just doing what Democrats did before. "The difference between these past cases and this year is remarkable," wrote Hawley. "In the past, when the Democrats objected, they were praised for standing up for democracy."
Yet when the Democrats objected to previous presidential election certificates, they did not do so as part of a sweeping rejection of the election result - and they did not encourage a gathering of their most violent supporters. Her followers did not search the Capitol, nor did the police kill or injure them in search of members of Congress to be held hostage or executed.
Would the Democrats have continued to object after a Capitol riot? We will never know. But that's exactly what Hawley did.
"Some wondered why I held on to my objection after the violence at the Capitol," wrote Hawley. "The reason is simple: I will not bow to an outlaw mob or allow criminals to drown out the legitimate concerns of my constituents."
But Hawley actually raised his fist at the lawless mob before storming the Capitol, and the mob cheered Hawley - it's on video.
HuffPost asked Hawley's office, which he believes had rioted at the Capitol last week since condemning violence, but never specifically asked about the mob's efforts to overthrow the elections.
The Senator's speakers did not answer.
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This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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