Joe Burrow comments on possible LSU reunion with Ja’Marr Chase on Bengals

Joe Burrow wouldn't mind an LSU meeting at the Cincinnati Bengals should the team choose to take on broad receiver Ja'Marr Chase in the 2021 NFL draft.
Burrow said so at a conference with reporters on Tuesday where the idea came up because Chase continues to pursue like a top 10 player and the Bengals hold the fifth election.
Burrow said he had nothing against seeing them again:
"Ja'Marr is a really good player. It's pretty easy to toss it to him when he's five meters apart on every snapshot. He's an exciting player and a great guy and a friend too. It was fun with him to play. "
Chase scored 1,780 yards and 20 touchdowns with Burrow in focus in 2019 and has only made more movies this season, which shows he is arguably the best wideout in the 2021 class.
The Bengals have a huge void to fill in that no one steps behind Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins. Should a prospect like Chase arrive, the attack will only be more deadly.
Any conversation about drawing up a wideout must be accompanied by the disclaimer that the team must first invest a lot of money in the free hand to fix the offensive line.
But if you spend a lot of money on a free agent lineman and then design chase, this could be the ideal A + scenario for the Bengals this off-season.
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