Jennifer Garner Wore a Popular $30 Trend From Amazon With a $1,895 Bag

Jennifer Garner carries designer bag with $ 30 Amazon Trend
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Jennifer Garner is known for being relatable. Granted, her cat videos have a slightly higher production value than usual, but she's still our girl Spanx happily recommends and searches Amazon for affordable anti-aging products. That being said, she's usually not the person who is seen in a $ 2,000 stroller outfit or styles her $ 6,000 dress with a $ 5 face mask. But in 2021 it looks like she will offer a little more inspiration for high / low outfits than usual.
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When Garner was in Brentwood last week, which feels like a year ago, he was spotted in a $ 1,895 Celine Cabas phantom bag, a pair of Brooks running shoes and a matching Navy Tkees hoodie, and joggers. While the tracksuit set costs just under $ 300, it's part of a big, affordable trend that all celebrities are switching to.
Around this time last year, every single famous person was leaning hard into the exaggerated sweating phenomena. Now they're all striving for more subtle, matching monochrome sweatshirt and pants sets that you can get on Amazon for around $ 30. You can buy any Navy hoodie and sweats from Amazon and get a nearly identical look to Garner's. Not that we all have the Celine designer bag to make the look even better, but that's what makes it so dependable. You don't have to put on a tracksuit if you don't want to. That's the whole point! And Jen would approve of the look no matter how you wear it.
Shop Now: $ 34;
The shift towards monochrome sweats likely began with Entireworld's influencer-driven obsession. The brand created an incredibly photogenic sweat in a range of simple, non-flashy colors. In essence, they were the anti-tie dye. Although Entireworld was founded in 2018, it caused quite a stir at the start of the pandemic when everyone had to delete their social calendars and become best friends on their couch. And while one of its cozy sets costs a few hundred dollars, the trend it started doesn't have to cost more than $ 40 and, in fact, can be as low as $ 25.
Plus, the best thing Jennifer Garner has ever done is not necessarily exactly following in her footsteps, but rather channeling her energy like you and finding an even cheaper version. And since she is clearly shopping on Amazon, the following tracksuits just need to sit in her shopping cart.
Shop the best Jennifer Garner-inspired tracksuits from Amazon below.
Hanes Women's Midrise Cinch-Bottom Fleece Jogging Pants
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Hanes Women's V-Notch Pullover Fleece Sweatshirt
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WFTBDREAM Two-piece sweatsuit lounge sets
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Hotouch Velours Sweatsuit Set
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Selowin Women's Casual Sweatsuit Pullover Hoodie Jogger Set
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Irevial ​​Womens Long Sleeve Casual Sweatsuits Sets Striped 2 Piece Tracksuit Jogging Suits
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Facitisu tracksuit set
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ZESICACasual Longsleeve Sweatsuit Shorts Set
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