Ivanka praises her own work in farewell message as bitter Don Jr compares Biden to Disney’s Uncle Scar

Ivanka launches a goodbye message of her work for American families when Don Jr. compares Biden to Disney's uncle Scar
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Ivanka Trump praised her work for American families in a farewell message when the bitter Don Jr. compared Joe Biden to Disney's Uncle Scar.
Ms. Trump took to Twitter to highlight her achievements and achievements, while her older brother shot a bizarre shot of the president-elect on Instagram instead.
“Do you remember the Lion King when Scar cheated to win the title of King? And the pride land was overrun by the hyenas? “Posted Mr Trump.
“And all the lions have lost everything they built and maintained? Just ask. No reason."
Meanwhile, Ms. Trump wished Joe Biden "courage and strength" and said she was "excited about the future" when she left Washington DC for Florida.
“It has been the honor of your life to serve our nation as adviser to the president. I am so proud of what we have achieved and I look forward to the future, ”she wrote.
"I came to Washington to fight for American families, and I feel like I did.
"I hope and believe that America can move forward in a positive way, recognize our differences and find common ground - that is how we will remain the greatest nation."
Observers have speculated that Ms. Trump could now run for office herself, with suggestions that she could become Senator Marco Rubio of Florida in 2022.
“The last four years have been an incredible journey. When I traveled to almost every state and dozen of countries in America, I fell even deeper in love with the American people, ”she added.
“Thank you for all the love and support you showed me. I leave DC in awe of the compassion, grace and determination that reigns this nation.
"These great and strong people have built my enduring belief in America."
Ms. Trump and husband Jared Kushner will not be returning to their hometown of New York City if their roles end on Wednesday.
Instead, they signed a contract to rent a luxury condominium in Miami after spending $ 30 million on land on the exclusive Indian Creek island of Billionaire Bunker.
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