Ivana Trump causes outrage after blaming immigrants for raping American women

Ivana Trump appeared controversial among loose women on Monday. (Loose women / ITV)
Donald Trump's ex-wife sparked outrage after suggesting during an interview on Loose Women that US immigrants "can't get jobs" and "steal and rape women".
The 71-year-old, who was married to Donald Trump for 15 years, appeared as a guest on the ITV show praising her ex-husband's immigration policies.
"He's achieved so much, especially with immigration," said Ms. Trump, who grew up in Czechoslovakia before moving to Canada.
"I'm an immigrant, but they have to get into the country legally, they have to get a job, they have to pay taxes like the rest of Americans," she added
The president's ex-wife continued beating immigrants who “do not dress American”, closing the controversial rant by saying they “rape women”.
“And they don't get a job and steal and rape the women. That's not our idea, ”she said.
Many social media users were quick to criticize the earlier model, calling the interview a "car accident".
“Ivana Trump omg !! Your remarks on immigration are absolutely worrying. # LooseWomen, "said one user.
Some criticized the English broadcaster for primarily moderating Ms. Trump and calling her views "ignorant" and "racist".
"I registered a complaint with Ofcom regarding Ivana Trump. The producers should have stopped the interview after the break. The panel looked appalled," wrote another user.
“Ivana is basically Donald. So sanctimonious immigrants. Terrible, hideous woman. Bad move ITV - never got them back, "said another.
“Why would you have such a hideous racist woman (Ivana Trump) with her disgusting views on immigration on your show? I am so offended by your comments. People like her shouldn't be on live TV, ”wrote one user.
Others praised panelist Jane Moore for challenging her views after saying, "What you just said about migrants many people would find quite offensive."
“Well done Jane Moore for coming up against this ridiculous and offensive Trump woman. What terrible views does Ivana have. You and Donnie deserved each other, ”wrote one user.
The president was consistently criticized for his views on immigration and refugees, both during his campaign and in his first term as president.
During the coronavirus outbreak, 8,800 children from the United States were deported along the Mexican border because a new pandemic-related measure had functionally withdrawn the rights of asylum seekers established by the Trump administration.
The government has expelled nearly 160,000 people, including around 7,600 adults and children who came to the United States with families, since the Emergency Ordinance promulgated by the Centers for Disease Control in March.
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