It Was Chocolate Week On 'The Great British Baking Show' And It Taught Us Some Important Babka Lessons

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Season 11 of The Great British Bake Off has finally started and we couldn't be more excited that it's back. Aside from the conversation between attendees and co-hosts Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding, our favorite part of the show is all of the baking knowledge we basically learn through osmosis. However, if you've been too busy to be put at ease by the show, we'll collect the best tips we can learn from each of the following episodes.
Whether you're the star baker in your home or barely able to make a cup cake, hopefully these lessons will help you on your way:
Episode 4: Chocolate Week
Don't overcook your brownies
The key is a sticky center and a crisp, crispy top that will completely ruin you if you leave them in the oven for too long.
Don't overdo it with brownie frostings and fillings.
Brownies are sweet on their own, so don't overload them with other sweet toppings and fillings. Laura learned this the hard way with her Italian meringue and toffee-topped brownies.
Sometimes the basics are the hardest things to do.
The bakers all had a hard time with brownies. This is a reminder that you will never be too skilled to further master the basics.
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Be precise in making chocolate babka.
You can't keep it on for too long or it'll come out of the can. It also needs to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Very tough but very tasty ... so it's worth it.
Follow your instincts in baking.
Linda had never seen a babka before, but she totally overcame the challenge, a good reminder that if you trust your instincts and follow your recipe, you can do pretty much anything.
Timing is everything.
When thinking about a particular casserole, consider the time it takes to cool and decorate. The bakers may have little time in the tent, but you don't have to be in real life.
Take into account the external factors.
The bakers struggled as the heat of the tent melted their white chocolate. So do your best to make the conditions in your own kitchen favorable to whatever you do.
Episode 3: bread week
Soda bread starts rising almost immediately.
Get this in the oven quickly. If this is your first time doing this, read the instructions carefully so that you don't lose your ascent.
Be careful when opening your ingredients.
Marc got cream all over the place in a very fun moment but if you need to clean up your own kitchen be careful !!
Soda bread is soft and cake-like, so flavors need to complement it.
Think about the type of bread you are making when considering fillings or icings.
Extra fat can affect the baking time.
Baking is a science, and adding fat (cheese, meat, etc.) can cause your bread to not cook properly in some places.
Too much kneading makes the bread too dense.
Be careful.
Sharing is caring.
Spoilers here: In a very sweet moment, Linda showed off honey she got from Mak before he left the show and that made her soda bread and butter all the more special.
The second proof is all about texture.
If you're making things like bagels and cinnamon rolls that require multiple proofs, the second will give you the smooth texture. So pay close attention to it.
Bread is very spirited.
Even the slightest drop in temperature, cut a little too deep or the topping is a little too heavy, can mess up otherwise beautiful bread ... that's exactly what makes bread week so exciting!
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Episode 2: Biscuit Week
Cookies are known as cookies in the UK.
I know, I know! But I always forget!
Some cookies are all about the snap.
While some of us are into soft and sticky cookies, some cookies like Florentines are all about the cracking and crunchiness. Make sure you check how they're usually served before pulling them out of the oven too quickly or too early.
Take care of your fillings.
If you want to use super cute fillings, make sure your base or coatings aren't super cute too. So if you want to chop up sweet fruits, consider using something bitter or hearty, e.g. B. dark chocolate.
A food processor can be your secret weapon.
When you chop nuts or dried fruit, you want them to be quite small for good taste and texture, emphasized Linda. If you don't want to chop forever, break out the food processor or get a smaller one made specifically for chores like this one.
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Macaroons are harder than you think!
These cookies look tiny and cute, but as the judges pointed out (and attendees learned!), Getting this nondescript cookie all right is difficult.
Check the temperature of your butter.
This should be one of the first things you prepare. Either make sure your butter stays ice cold or that the room temperature is perfect. This can make or break your cookies / cake / whatever, so be careful!
Keep it simple !!
Candidate Rowan learned this when the judges beat him up and tried to make his baked goods way too expensive. Make sure you don't overwhelm yourself with small details so much that you can't finish ... even if you're not on a baking show.
Episode 1: Cake Week
Listen to your cake when you pull it out of the oven.
Contestant Peter shared a trick he learned from baker John Whaite on the show's third series. He said at the time that his mother taught him to hear a cake when you pull it out of the oven to see if it's cooked. You will hear the boil when it's still wet, but when it's done it will sound "gentle".
The can makes the difference.
Surah said she had baked for the first time with a new pan and her batter had overflowed. If you're baking for something important, try not to use a new can before turning it over.
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Use a ruler for super-precise cake layers.
Get one for the kitchen only!
You need to roll out cake toppings and fillings just right.
Too thin, it will tear, too thick, it will not taste very pleasant. They said this about marzipan, but it sounds like fondant to a lot of things.
If the center of your cake is raw, try putting it in the microwave.
Rowan tried and it seemed to have worked for the most part? If you have the time, just put them in the oven with some foil to be on the safe side.
Use caramel carefully.
If you make something like a pineapple upside-down cake and use too little, your cake won't get nicely crispy, but if you use too much it will get moist and sink to the bottom.
When hitting flies, make sure there are no cakes in the way.
Sura learned this the hard way when she tossed Baker Dave's cakes off his plate. Although she obviously felt bad, some of the cakes were saved and all is well, that ends well.
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Trying to bake a cake that is shaped like something else can be daunting.
Prue noticed how hard it is to bake a cake that looks like a person, for example, because if it looks perfect but used a lot of icing to make it a reality it could taste terrible.
Using mint is a bit risky.
Dave used mint in his casserole along with strawberry and cocoa, and the judges knocked on him because he tasted like toothpaste. Danger!
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