If You Have This Pot at Home, Stop Using It Immediately

Your home can be filled to the brim with various pots and pans that you don't think twice before using. But now there's at least one type of pot to check out before reaching again: Sea to Summit just issued a recall on several of their camping pots. Read on to find out which pots have been recalled and for more things you might need to get rid of: If you have this spice in your pantry, the FDA says you need to check it out right away.
Two different types of camping pots from Sea to Summit have been recalled.
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Sea to Summit has just recalled around 16,200 camping pots in the US and another 2,050 in Canada. This emerges from an announcement by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on January 13th. The recall affects both their aluminum Alpha and stainless steel. Sigma steel camping pots that were sold individually and as part of camping cookware sets. These pots were available in 1.2 liter, 1.9 liter, 2.7 liter and 3.7 liter sizes. The Alpha pots were also sold in five different sets and the Sigma pots were sold in four different sets.
The Alpha camping pots are matt gray and have "Sea to Summit" on the front and "Hard Anodised Compact Cooking System" on the bottom. Sigma camping pots are made of polished stainless steel and black with "Sea to Summit" and "Premium Stainless-Steel Compact Cooking System" on the outside of the pots. For more up-to-date information, subscribe to our daily newsletter.
However, only pots that are missing a screw are recalled.
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The CPSC states that "only pots with a black latch that does NOT have a screw are part of this recall". According to the report, this is because if the nylon latch on these camping pots is not screwed in, it can open, which can cause the handle to loosen and potentially burn or scald someone. To date, Sea to Summit has received 10 reports of the latch having become loose or damaged due to excessive heat exposure. However, no injuries were reported. And for more things that might hurt you, if you have this phone charger, stop using it immediately.
These pots were sold in large camping shops until November 2020.
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According to the CPSC, you may have bought one of these pots at a sports store across the country between January 2019 and November 2020. They also specifically point out that these pots were sold in REI stores and REI's online shop. However, Sea to Summit says that regardless of where you bought your pot, you should contact them directly for a replacement. According to the company, "this is the most efficient way to resolve the problem, so that you are safe and can use the pot on your next trip." And for other items that could be dangerous in use, if you bought them from Costco, don't use them anymore.
Customers should fill out a form to receive a replacement part from the manufacturer.
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According to the CPSC, customers who have any of the recalled pots should discontinue use "immediately" and contact Sea to Summit for a free lock repair kit. The company has a customer contact form on their website and an instructional video that can help anyone once they have a replacement bar.
"The replacement bar wraps around the handle and is secured with a screw," noted Sea to Summit in its recall announcement. "It's also designed to provide a closer fit around the handle to keep the handle in the locked 'open' position." And for recent recalls, the FDA is telling you not to eat that one type of yogurt.

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