I’ve Never Run Out of Clorox Wipes, Thanks to Amazon’s Secret Tool

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In the last 10 months, certain items can no longer be found. Hand disinfectants and disinfectant wipes. And while new (and sometimes sketchy) brands of hand sanitizer have come out of the woodwork, trustworthy, virus-killing wipes like Clorox Wipes are still practically unavailable.
For anyone who wasn't paying attention, the reason they're so hard to find is in the supply chain. Andy Mowery, Clorox's chief supply officer, told the New York Times back in October that the cause of the disruption was supply. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to just make more towels. Every single component of the wipe - from the plastic lid to the disinfectant - comes from a different supplier. And if one of them can't make its only ingredient, the towels can't be put together.
But I have a secret. I never have a supply of Clorox wipes. And I'm here to tell you how. (If you're only here to quickly buy some before they go away, the link is here.)
Subscribe and save: Yes, with these smart shoppers from Amazon you can save up to 15% on regularly ordered items like me. When you add these to your monthly subscription, you will see Clorox wipes periodically. They may not come every month and sometimes you will see the message "We had to cancel this order". However, I promise you that Amazon will fill out its subscription and storage orders prior to one-time purchases.
Before the pandemic, I had Clorox wipes on my Amazon Subscribe and Save subscription. I've been set up to order a 3-pack of disinfectant wipes in canisters every 3 months. When the pandemic broke out, I had a couple of canisters under my sink. I started being much more conservative with them, sticking to a few "pandemic panic routines" for using them, but had extras and was able to give a canister to a friend who was afraid to take her newborn baby to the pediatrician give. and a neighbor who was literally in tears because he couldn't find her. When you see the larger canisters in stock, add them to your subscriptions right away. You are elusive.
When everyone else was panicking for towels in March, a 3-pack appeared on my doorstep. And another in June. And November. See for yourself!
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You can get Clorox Wipes too. However, you need to set up subscribing and saving. It's worth noting that subscribing and saving is a useful money-saving perk from Amazon for thousands of items that you might buy on a regular basis. Get toilet paper, toothbrush heads, dog food, diapers, and other hard-to-find items by setting up a subscription.
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Amazon currently has 3-packs of 75 wipes in stock but is acting quickly. We don't expect them to stay in stock for long.
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