How Twitter will transition presidential accounts after Inauguration Day

Twitter has released further details on how the official White House accounts will be switched when President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris take office on Jan. 20. Institutional accounts that will be transferred to Biden Administration include @POTUS, @VP, @WhiteHouse, @FLOTUS, @PressSec and @LaCasaBlanca.
The current versions of this are archived under various names, including all tweets, and Twitter submits them to the National Archives and Records Administration. When Barack Obama stepped down in 2017, the then @ POTUS account was archived as @ POTUS44. The Trump administration's @ POTUS account will also continue to operate as @ POTUS45.
Several accounts from the Biden camp will then adopt these user names. Twitter converts @ Transition46 to @WhiteHouse, @PresElectBiden to @POTUS and so on. One username that doesn't make the transition is @SecondLady. Instead, Harris' husband Douglas Emhoff will use an account called @SecondGentleman. Twitter archives @SecondLady as @ SecondLady45, and the current handle is not used for the time being.
In contrast to the transition from 2017, the new versions of these institutional handles do not automatically stay with the existing followers. If you follow any of these accounts, or the Biden Camp accounts that are being converted, you will see warnings and prompts to switch, and an option to follow the new versions.
Live streams of the inauguration ceremony will be available through Twitter's US Elections Hub, as well as through your @JCCIC and @BidenInaugural accounts. The hub contains lists, moments, and recommendations from the following accounts.

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