How Marvel Went From ‘Nazi-Punching Comic Universe’ to Symbol of Capitol Rioters

You can remember the dizzying graphics of the siege of the US Capitol. Amid the chaos and violence there were the fancy costumes - pictures of Halloween-like buffoons who seemed to defy the seriousness of the uprising. The rioters were photographed face-painted, dressed as wartime drummer boys and bald eagles, decorated with the flags of hate groups and militia movements as if they were superhero cloaks, and dressed from head to toe in camouflage and paramilitary gear, animal skins and - to the horror of several Marvel fans - Avengers-inspired Civil War T-shirts and Punisher stickers. The comic images were juxtaposed with real noises and consequences: Trump's stimulating words at the rally before the uprising, the excruciating screams of an officer who called for help when he was knocked down by the crowd in the Capitol between two doors Killed the lives of a rioter, the reverberations of a thrown fire extinguisher hitting a Capitol police officer - and likely killing him. Eric Ward, an extremism expert and executive director of the Western States Center, told TheWrap that Marvel's popularity and prestige in pop culture is becoming a ...
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