How a setup error disguised Red Bull F1's front wing progress

After Verstappen was so quick during practice and qualifying, everything went wrong on Sunday afternoon when Verstappen was unable to maintain that performance lead in the race.
While a bad getaway certainly didn't help, it later turned out that one side of its wing was set at a different angle to the other - as can be seen in the picture above - and facing outward by about seven degrees.
That meant the car wasn't handling like it should have, and the result was higher tire degradation.
This also meant that Verstappen couldn't show how far a new update package had progressed after Istanbul, as the team had been pushing the development of its RB16 intensely.
While the changes to the nose and rear of the car may seem small on their own, when viewed collectively, they mark a significant fundamental shift in the evolution of Red Bull and indicate the direction in which it is headed becomes.
The Red Bull RB16 has several cape slots in the nose
The Red Bull RB16 has several cape slots on the nose Giorgio Piola
Giorgio Piola
The changes to the front wing also coincide with a makeover of the cape, as a letterbox-style inlet has been added to its top, where the nose body ends and the cape is completely exposed.
This change is related to the changes made to the front wing in front of it, where the flow of air received by the cape needs to be tuned to get more power from both parts.
More details on the Red Bull's front wing
More details on Red Wing Front
Unfortunately for Red Bull, any progress made with this package was undone during the Turkish Grand Prix as a mistake during a pit stop caused the angle of the flaps on either side of Verstappen's wing to differ by approximately seven degrees . This led to the aero imbalance that handicapped him.
Exhaust revisions
The team changed the exhaust layout of the RB16
The exhaust layout of the RB16 has been changed by Team Giorgio Piola
Giorgio Piola
At the rear of the car, the team decided to remove the wastegate piping from their branded position above the main outlet and place them in a more conventional position next to the crash structure.
This required a small change in the shape of the lower T-wing, which was also hung on both sides of the crash structure. The piping was laid underneath and some gold leaf was added to the exposed wishbone above.
Red Bull RB16 exhaust system
Red Bull RB16 exhaust system Giorgio Piola
Giorgio Piola
Interestingly, after Red Bull was in this higher position [1] and moved down next to the main outlet [2], it also changed the central part of the diffuser.
In changes that appear to have been made to the circuit, the central section of the diffuser [3] was reinforced and a surface coating was used to influence the behavior of the air flow [4].
What appears as rivets in the middle area is attached to a stiffener on the other side that connects all of these surfaces to the main body of the diffuser. This should help improve flow consistency and prevent the gaps between each surface from closing as the load builds up.

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