Honeymoon Already Shaky: Joe Biden Hits A Nerve On Twitter With Money Plea

President-elect Joe Biden on Friday appealed to voters to provide funding for his administration's transition to the White House.
Ah, no, would be the stunned response from Twitter followers.
"Here's the deal," tweeted Biden. "Because President Trump refuses to admit and is delaying the transition, we need to finance it ourselves and need your help" by asking supporters to "step in."
While Twitter followers were definitely not ready to interfere, they had plenty of ideas on how Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris could save - such as "skip Coachella this year".
Respondents were amused - but also annoyed - that the president-elect of the world's richest nation, who has given massive tax breaks to businesses and the rich, is now extending his hand to the average American struggling through difficult economic times.
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