'Home Improvement' star Patricia Richardson is unrecognizable in new interview

Patricia Richardson is one of the most iconic sitcom moms in television history, but the star's new look, "Home Improvement", has fans double-taking.
Richardson, 69, usually dyes her hair auburn, but chose to let its natural gray color grow out during quarantine.
Patricia Richardson (etonline.com)
During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Richardson wore her withdrawn gray hair, which she almost defaced as she recalled her time as family matriarch Jill Taylor on the 1990s sitcom. The interview was part of the "Iconic Leading Ladies of the 90s" series.
A few fans got involved in response to the interview on Twitter. "Love that, love your hair, and love you," tweeted one person. Another fan wrote: "Love your hair!"
Richardson shared a photo of her pandemic hairstyle in October.
"Ok, COVID hair is growing back here. I just don't want to cut it! So ... new raccoon hair?" She labeled the picture where her old color grew out and her grays came in.
Fans said they loved Richardson's hair. One person named the two-tone look "ombré" and added, "It's super high fashion."
"You look wonderful with this hairstyle. Wish you all the best in this difficult time and stay healthy," added another fan. Someone else encouraged Richardson to "keep everything white".
Richardson told Entertainment Tonight that she had "instant" chemistry with her on-screen husband, Tim Allen. But off-screen, she said her participation in a hit show resulted in a tabloid review of her appearance.
"They said, for example, that the producers made me keep the weight off and I was just like, 'How do they make me keep the weight off? Do they come to my house and force-feed me?'" Said you. Richardson recently gave birth to twins before she started filming.
"What was great was that the producers were like, 'We don't care,'" she said. "I said, 'I work hard to try to lose weight' and they said, 'We don't care, they look whatever you want, you look real, we don't care.'"
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