Guy Buys And Tries Starting Abandoned C3 Corvette

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What could possibly go wrong?
While there is certainly an undeniable appeal to a C3 Corvette, buying a Corvette that has been sitting in a field for years without first seeing it comes with significant risk. That's what this guy did when he scooped a 1980 Vette that honestly looks pretty good from having been in the elements for about 10 years. While that's encouraging, it doesn't affect how the mechanics of this Chevy work.
A closer look shows that this C3 has become one with nature: grass has grown into the fender gaps, plants are sprouting between headlights and bonnet and spiders have settled in the fender slots. This would certainly dispel the theories that the car didn't sit on the field for long at all and that this is all part of an elaborate setup.
Oh, and the person who originally found this car discovered an 8-foot bull snake living under the hood. We're not entirely sure how this was handled.
The guy isn't trying to start the "Vette" right there, despite registering her for a burnout contest in the near future. This way we don't recommend doing things for obvious reasons. A closer look reveals that the C3 has been repainted, suffered from water damage and even plants are growing inside.
Everything about this C3 Corvette isn't bad. It is a one owner vehicle, but that owner passed away not long ago. It looks like it was well looked after before being parked and sat.
If you're unfamiliar with Vice Grip Garage YouTube account, the guy is making all sorts of terrible auto buying decisions for your entertainment. In other words, he has experience of getting engines that have been running again for decades. He seems pretty clueless about the condition of this 80s Corvette, but you'll need to watch the video to see how he gets it working and what problems he runs into.
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