Gordon Ramsay Ripped Apart Someone On TikTok For Covering Their Chicken In Toothpicks

Photo credit: TikTok / Gordon Ramsay
From Delish
TikTok, as I'm sure you know, is a generally chaotic place, but Gordon Ramsay's site is special. He's insanely popular on the platform for tearing apart the work of home cooks, some of whom seem to make a living to troll him. Case in point: One of his newest and most popular videos shows Gordon criticizing someone for sticking a few toothpicks in their roast chicken.
As is his style, Gordon "duets" the video and passes it on bit by bit. It starts with 5 minute recipes (which is just a wild report by the way) that glaze the chicken, which Gordon likes! But then for some reason they start sticking cocktail sticks (what we call toothpicks in the US) all over the chicken.
Well, it's not entirely uncommon to use toothpicks in your recipes to hold things together, but no, this recipe calls for you to just put them all over the chicken before putting them in the oven. Maybe to let the glaze in? No idea. In any case, Gordon doesn't love it.
"Perform acupuncture on a chicken," says Gordon. "You should boil it, not prick it. Oh my goodness, me."
Eventually they pull out all the toothpicks and cut them into the chicken ... but it doesn't seem to help anybody, as Gordon points out, "This looks dry. You turned the chicken into a hedgehog!"
That disturbing image aside, it seems that Gordon is right here. Better to leave the toothpicks to the starters and keep your chicken cordon bleu together or you will be his next TikTok victim.
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