GOP Senators Get Stark Reminder Of Their Previous ‘Let The Voters Decide’ Demands

MSNBC's Chris Hayes reminded Senate Republicans on Friday of their calls to "let voters decide the fate of President Donald Trump" when they exempted him from impeachment earlier this year.
Hayes accused the vast majority of Republican senators of now being "complicit participants" with their silence over the president's "weak attempt to undermine the election".
He broadcast a montage of GOP senators - including Lindsey Graham (SC), Ted Cruz (Texas) and Marco Rubio (Florida) - and said in February that they did not support removing Trump from office at the time, because it should be up to the government Americans decide in November.
"OK. We had one. We had a choice," said Hayes. "The voters decided. And now all these senators should show some respect and respect for the decision."
"I mean, they told us this was the right thing, and we went out and did it, and now what? What now? ”He asked.
Check out the segment here:
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