GOP leaders reportedly want to 'bury' Trump but avoid 'making him Jesus'

"Top Republicans want to finally bury President Trump," said Axios on Wednesday morning, hours before the House will indict Trump for the second time. "But they disagree on whether to do it with a quick impeachment kill or slowly let it fade away."
A dozen or more Republicans in the House of Representatives, including Chairwoman of Caucus No. 3, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), Say They Would Vote for an Indictment, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) ), Reportedly Believes Trump Acted Over the Past Week Siege of the Capitol is a criminal offense. McConnell is more likely to vote than not to condemn Trump, sources told Axios.
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"The Republican leader of the House, Kevin McCarthy, would love a trumpless world but doesn't want to fingerprint him," says Axios. McCarthy and his "fading caucus see the danger that the path of impeachment and condemnation, as one prominent Conservative put it, turns him into Jesus ... Really stupid."
Trump allies warn that any Republican who indicts or convicts Trump will never win the election again, despite a poll by Politico / Morning Consult released Wednesday morning found that 40 percent of Republicans and GOP-independent independents now say they do would vote for Trump if he ran in the GOP area code 2024 after 53 percent in November. "President Trump's role in sparking the uprising last week in the US Capitol is having a negative impact on his future political outlook - even at his grassroots level," said Morning Consult's Kyle Dropp.
In all honesty, "It's hard to know where other Republicans are in the Senate," writes MSNBC host Chris Hayes in Politico's Playbook. But if Mitch McConnell is ready to condemn, "we seem to have arrived - very belatedly - at the moment when McConnell and the Trump-era GOP were desperate to avoid it: a moment between Goldwater and Nixon, in which the party decisively breaks the criminal, dangerous president. Of course, anyone who has taken this side of the bet in the past four years would be broke by now, so I'll probably believe it when I see it. "
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