Gold Price Forecast – Gold Markets Continue to Find Buyers

Gold markets rallied a little on Friday to close the week, showing signs of a little US dollar being sold worldwide. Ultimately, this is a market that I think continues to be a lot of noise and so I think you have plenty of time to get involved. Even so, I like the idea of ​​buying pullbacks because it offers value that you can take advantage of. With that in mind, I believe that it is only a matter of time before we push much higher as central banks around the world continue to flood the markets with cheap money.
Gold Price Prediction Video 11/23/20
That being said, we could fall as low as $ 1,800 and still show me the same attitude. I would love it if the market fell towards this area as the 200 day EMA is there too so it is likely that a lot of people will be paying close attention. In addition, we have broken out at the $ 1800 level before so many people will be paying close attention and it is a "retest" of previous resistance. In this case, I like the idea of ​​buying dips in the future, but I'm not immediately jumping in with huge positions.
I think this is going to be more or less an investment that you can take advantage of over the long term. In at least a few years, central banks around the world will continue their bond purchases and, of course, quantitative easing.
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