Go Out In Style In A Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Hearse

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Who wants this to be their last ride?
It is the last time that many people drive a Cadillac or Lincoln hearse. However, if you believe it is Mopar or not a car, you may be intrigued by this Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye hearse. Unfortunately, this is a rendering and does not yet exist in real life. We bet a morgue could offer the Ride or Die package for those who want to get out of this existence with a bang. We're not kidding, this might be one of the best ideas we've seen in a while.
You don't necessarily have to be a Mopar fan to like this rendering. Really, this is a great way to go out if you're a fan of American muscle or performance in general. It's just epic when 717 horsepower takes you to your grave. This is surely better than driving a hearse, which is a luxury country barge.
Like any harbinger of death, this Hellcat Redeye hearse has sullen colors. It makes things look as dignified as possible. Plus, the color scheme just makes this hearse look scary, and that makes us giggle in an evil way. We are obviously in the middle of the target market for such a hearse.
A note of constructive criticism of this rendering, in case someone hopefully does any of these in real life: the stern should have more glass. It would help the mourners to see the deceased push open the coffin lid and show a thumbs up when the driver makes this compressor whine like a banshee.
So if anyone at Dodge or Fiat Chrysler is reading this, please make this a reality. You'd probably be surprised how many people would line up to celebrate the life of a car enthusiast with this thing. Plus, it would be a great project car and it would be amazing to see what builders at SEMA could do with it.
Check out rainprisk's rendering on Instagram.
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