Gender-fluid engineer called 'IT' by workmates given £180k compensation in 'landmark' ruling

Rose Taylor was bullied for wearing women's clothing at Jaguar Land Rover after identifying as gender / non-binary (swns) in 2017.
A gender fluid engineer identified as "IT" by bullying workers at Jaguar Land Rover was awarded £ 180,000 after winning a landmark case of discrimination.
43-year-old Rose Taylor was teased and molested by colleagues at the automaker after identifying as gender / non-binary in 2017.
A labor court heard her endure insults and abusive jokes from employees after she started wearing women's clothes.
A colleague asked her if her outfit was "for Halloween" while another contractor said, "It's nice to see you in these clothes. Your legs are cracked."
Another worker asked her, "So what's wrong? Are you going to have your pieces chopped off?" While she heard two others say, "Did you see IT in the atrium?"
One member of staff also described her as "abnormal" when she announced that she was moving and was also asked to use the staff's disabled toilet.
Rose Taylor (L) was awarded £ 180,000 after winning a landmark case of discrimination (swns).
Another asked why the "top half did not match the bottom half" while another colleague said, "I checked your dress, saw it was you, and my jaw dropped."
The Birmingham hearing was told how a male worker once laughed at her when she suggested they wear a rainbow lanyard - a symbol of support for LGBTQ pride.
Taylor alleged constructive dismissal and victimization for sex reassignment and sexual orientation discrimination.
A labor judge in Birmingham ruled in their favor.
The victory is considered the first successful claim of its kind and was celebrated as a "milestone" in the recognition of the rights of non-binary and gender-specific people.
So far, there has been uncertainty as to whether the Equal Opportunities Act will protect those who fall into the gender fluid / non-binary category.
JLR argued it was not, but Labor Judge Pauline Hughes said it was clear that "gender is a spectrum" and that Taylor should be protected "beyond any doubt".
The Jaguar XJ production line at Browns Lane in Coventry in 2004 (File picture / swns)
Taylor wiped away tears on Friday when she received a payout of £ 180,000 from her previous employer.
Hughes said, "Hopefully your case will bring some real change. We'd all like to see that. The response has been extremely positive.
“Throughout the history of equality and the equality movement, there are people like the applicant who have made a difference.
"Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Harvey Milk, Baroness Jane Campbell, Viv Anderson, Baroness Hayle and Notorious RBG.
"In our opinion, Rose made a difference.
"Hopefully because she brought the case what happened to her won't happen to anyone at JLR."
Hughes added, “I can see that JLR took the results seriously. That's a positive thing. "
An aerial view of the Jaguar Land Rover Engineering Center in Gaydon, Warwickshire where Rose Taylor worked (swns)
The Tribunal was told that Taylor, who worked for JLR as a navigational engineer for 20 years, changed her presentation three years ago.
However, she suffered various insults after wearing mostly women's clothes at the company's Coventry factory before resigning in 2008.
The court ruling ruled that "the applicant has the protected gender reassignment feature" and the allegations of harassment were "well founded" and that Taylor was "constructively unfairly dismissed".
Attorney Robin White said, “Rose is especially excited because the case will make a difference to other people at JLR and beyond.
“The case changed the law to clarify protection for gender and non-binary individuals and their needs at work.
“Rose is particularly excited to see the real impact this could have on other people.
"We're relieved to hear they say they got it wrong, but they would have preferred to admit it sooner rather than fighting us to the limit."
Robbie de Santos, Head of Campaigns and Communication at Charty Stonewall, described the case as a "milestone".
He told Yahoo News UK: "We are extremely excited about Rose, whose landmark case is likely to have a tremendous impact on non-binary and gender-based people across the country."
“Until now it was not clear whether non-binary persons were protected under the Equality Act 2010. Therefore, this Labor Court ruling will be vital in supporting future court rulings and creating the potential for even more non-binary and gender-sensitive individuals to be protected from harassment and discrimination in all areas of their lives. "
Dave Williams, Executive Director HR at JLR, told Yahoo News UK: "On behalf of Jaguar Land Rover, I would like to apologize to Ms. Taylor for the experience she has had while working with us.
"We continue to seek improvements in this area and respect the outcome of the case. We welcome the recommendations and will implement them to strengthen our diversity and inclusion strategy developed in consultation with our employee-led networks and our board of directors sponsored steering committee for diversity and inclusion.
"Jaguar Land Rover does not tolerate any form of discrimination. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone can thrive, in which our employees feel equally heard, understood, supported and valued.
"We continue to work with our leaders, employees and employee-led diversity networks to promote a diverse, inclusive and balanced culture that is representative of the society we live in."
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