'Fox & Friends' Hosts Debate Trump's Impeachment In Back-And-Forth Dispute

Fox & Friends hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade had a heated debate over the merits of the House's efforts to re-indict President Donald Trump on Wednesday.
Kilmeade argued that disgruntled Congressional lawmakers - both Democrats and Republicans - should reprimand the president rather than indict him, especially since Trump only has one week left in office.
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"It's time for a transition. You have a new president," said Kilmeade, later adding, "This is a big distraction and guess what is not being done - something for the American people."
In the meantime, Doocy turned the script upside down with a hypothetical situation. "Let's put the shoe on the other foot," he said. “If a Democratic president did what happened last week ... would Republicans in the House and Senate vote to indict him if they could? The answer is yes. "
"The answer is always yes," replied Kilmeade. “Democrats will always crack down on President Trump. And you had no problem with President Trump until this week. So what happened "
"Brian, what happened last week was the uprising and sacking of the US Capitol," Doocy replied.
When Fox & Friends' third host Ainsley Earhardt tried to mediate between the two, Kilmeade brought up Trump's previous impeachment in 2019 and the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing that it makes no sense to "To indict" someone who will be at their resort. "
"I think members of Congress just want some accountability at the end of the day," Doocy said, reiterating the argument made by several members of the Republican Party, including MP Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), Who made a strong statement on Tuesday she accused Trump of violating his constitutional oaths.
On the same broadcast, Kilmeade and Doocey also came across heads when Kilmeade compared the Capitol invasion last summer to clashes between right-wing groups and anti-racist protesters in Portland, Oregon. Doocey responded by saying, "I don't think they tried to overthrow democracy in Portland."
Fox & Friends - once President Trump's favorite newscast - has shown less sympathy for the president in recent weeks. Despite Kilmeade's disapproval of a second impeachment trial, he previously said Trump's post-election behavior was "horrific" and cost the Republican Party its majority in the Senate.
Watch the Doocy vs Kilmeade debate here, courtesy of Mediaite.
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