Five possible Warriors trade targets to help offset loss of Klay Thompson

With the Golden State Warriors losing to Klay Thompson for the season to a torn Achilles tendon, the Golden State Warriors struggle unexpectedly to fill their rotation. Her first step was to use her $ 17 million trading exception to win Kelly Oubre. Oubre will certainly help, but he's not really a replacement for Thompson. It's more like a 3-4 and Thompson is a perimeter-based wing.
Golden State is expected to file and approve a Disabled Player Exception (DPE) for Thompson. If a player is determined by an independent body that they are more likely to miss the entire season, a team may receive a DPE. The amount of this DPE will apply to the lesser half of the player's salary or the equivalent amount of the non-taxpayer mid-level exemption. In the Warriors case for Thompson, that equates to the latter at $ 9,258,000.
The DPE is pretty restrictive in the way a team can use it. The Warriors can sign, trade, or waive a player for an amount that fits in the DPE. The key is that the player can only get a one year contract with no options.
That narrows the player pool, but there are still solid players that Golden State can target.
The first challenge for the warriors is to get owner approval to add to an already substantial luxury tax burden. With the addition of Oubre, the Warriors' luxury tax payment rose to over $ 100 million. Each additional salary pushes that bill even further past the historical level at which it is already. It's also important to note that the DPE is just an exception to adding a player. It does not offer Thompson any salary reductions or add any roster slot.
With the free agency opening on Friday, expect the Warriors to potentially be in the market for free agents using the DPE. It is currently not clear who will be available and who will be willing to sign just a one-year contract. What is clear is that there are five players who could trade Golden State for using the DPE. All five fit a little differently, but could help fill in the team rotation.
Derrick Rose might make sense for the warrior reserve units. (Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images)
Derrick Rose, Detroit Pistons: $ 7.7 million
Rose would be a nice addition to the Warriors as backup guard behind Stephen Curry. He would look different than Curry in the second session as Rose is more of a goalscorer than a shooter. Rose has held a reserve role for the past few years and could battle it out for the sixth man of the year with Golden State. And the cost of acquiring it would not be too high, as the pistons are in asset collection mode.
Reggie Bullock, New York Knicks: $ 4.2 million
The Knicks recently fully guaranteed Bullock's contract, but he'd probably be better off with the Warriors. New York is in rebuild mode so getting a small asset for Bullock would be a good game. For Golden State, Bullock would stand up as Thompson-Lite. He's about the same size and a good shot too. That makes him ideal for the warriors.
Doug McDermott, Indiana Pacers, $ 7.3 million:
McDermott doesn't help replace Thompson's full-back, but he could fill in some of the lost shots. He would be a backup 3-4 behind Draymond Green and Oubre. In the Warriors' small-ball lineups, McDermott could be the designated ground spacer alongside Green. That gives him value, although the positional adjustment is different from Thompson's.
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