Feds Seize Giant Meth and Fentanyl Lab Disguised Behind Storefront in Mexico

According to an announcement by the federal prosecutor on Sunday, police and soldiers in Mexico demolished a meth and fentanyl laboratory that was so large it surprised the very authorities who seized it.
The Associated Press quotes Felipe de Jesus Gallo of the federal prosecutor's office and writes that the laboratory had two-story vats that could process more than five tons of raw material at a time.
"At the attorney general's office, we have no record of seizures of this size of equipment," said Gallo.
The lab, located on the outskirts of Mexico City, was found last week in a store that served as an industrial cleaning products store.
The AP reports that behind this store was a warehouse of stacked 265-gallon drums and tanks containing precursor chemicals that Gallo said were intended for the manufacture of meth and synthetic opioid fentanyl.
The seizure was part of a series of coordinated raids, code-named "Blue", that targeted properties across the country.
Other aftermaths of these raids include the arrest of an engineer (who allegedly built and oversaw the operation of organized crime laboratories), the confiscation of a drum of future fentanyl (with processing instructions), and much more than 630 lbs. of meth "with a high degree of purity."
Some of the drugs are said to have come to the US with the raids throwing a wrench in a very elaborate (and global) operation.
Mexican Marines say information was collected showing that fentanyl precursors came to Mexico from China (via a company in Hong Kong) and were shipped to Baja, California from a port in Japan.
According to experts who spoke to the AP as early as September, the current pandemic has likely eased the drug explosion on the southern border as it has both increased safety and reduced traffic. As evidence to support this claim, fentanyl seizures in 2020 increased 465 percent from 2019.
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