FBI warns law enforcement to use caution when arresting rioters

A recent FBI bulletin received from CBS News warns law enforcement agencies arresting suspects in the fatal assault on the Capitol, "to exercise caution and consider using SWAT in influencing the arrest."
The bulletin said authorities should be especially careful when arresting anyone who wore "body armor" or "other armor" during criminal activities in the US Capitol.
The FBI shared a picture of the arsenal found inside a suspect's home in recent days. Investigators said the suspect was wearing body armor and a combat helmet on the floor of the U.S. Capitol.
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The warning comes as the FBI continues its aggressive push to arrest and prosecute those responsible for the deadly attack on the Capitol last Wednesday. Five people died, including a Capitol police officer.
The pro-Trump protesters were able to breach the Capitol before law enforcement secured it. More than 70 people are facing charges in local and state courts on charges of illegal entry, disorderly behavior, theft, bodily harm and gun injuries, among others.
A picture of the arsenal found in a suspect's home in the past few days. / Credit: FBI
Earlier this week, the FBI warned law enforcement agencies across the country that groups will be calling for a "storming" of federal, state and local courts in all 50 states if President Trump is removed from office before a law enforcement inauguration day on Jan. 20 will source told CBS News.
The groups urge participants to be armed at their own discretion. This emerged from the FBI's warning that there were reports of unspecified threats being made against President-elect Joe Biden, Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris and House spokesman Nancy Pelosi.
Pat Milton and Erin Donaghue contributed to this report.
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