Father And Son Arrested For Drag Racing

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This will be a good story to tell at the next family gathering.
It was a clear Halloween morning in Fairfield, California when police said a father and son decided to drag each other down Travis Boulevard. Since police witnessed the street race, the duo were stopped and arrested, and their cars were confiscated. Now they can go before a judge and explain their actions.
Fairfield police say Martin Lowe, 60, and Michael Lowe, 24, were both driving 100 km / h when they flew directly past an officer who was packing another traffic obstruction. Needless to say, the cop wasn't impressed with the stunt, especially since they were in a 35 mile zone.
These two didn't drive Honda Civics. One car was a last generation Pontiac GTO and the other was a newer Dodge Challenger. In the repot, the officer said the vehicles were neck to neck while they were taking the first and second lanes. The report didn't state who drove which, but both are pretty powerful machines (especially if the Challenger is a V8 model).
Because the two men are accused of road racing, their cars were confiscated for 30 days. Hopefully they have something to drive in the meantime. They also have to pay the fine to get their vehicle out.
We do not support or condone street races. It's dangerous and selfish. This father and son could have hit and killed a child, grandma, etc. There are tracks to do something like this, or at least far from everyone else, but you really should get it on track.
As a rule, police authorities step up patrols on Halloween as there are more children around. Also, some people decide it's a good day to break the law. Fairfield Police say they also stopped a driver with a license who is an alleged gang member and was carrying a loaded firearm.
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