Every horror movie of 2020, definitively ranked (including 'Welcome to the Blumhouse')

This year we've made it our mission to finalize every new horror movie, and now we've finally reached the ultimate season for them: Halloween.
The world has been full of terrible virus outbreaks and uncertainty about reopening theaters amid the pandemic, but there are all sorts of chillers to choose from. The scary flick guru Jason Blum is now streaming four of them on Amazon through his anthology series "Welcome to the Blumhouse": "The Lie", "Black Box", "Nocturne" and "Evil Eye".
The "Blumhouse" entries as well as the Clancy Brown anthology "The Mortuary Collection" and Netflix's child-oriented "A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting" can hold their own against the previous results:
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Mackenzie Davis plays a governess hired to take care of a young girl and find craziness all over the place in The Turning.
72. "The turning point"
The horrific adaptation of Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw" stars Mackenzie Davis as the governess hired to look after a young girl who has gone mad and sees ghostly figures and hears things that happen in the night . The movie is far more frustrating than freaking out, and it also has one of the worst endings in the recent past.
The enigmatic Mr. Roarke (Michael Peña, center) welcomes guests (Austin Stowell and Lucy Hale) to a beautiful place where secret dreams become nightmares in Blumhouse's Fantasy Island, the supernatural version of the old horror TV show Guru Jason Blum.
71. 'Blumhouse's Fantasy Island'
Give Blumhouse the honor of casting Michael Peña in Ricardo Montalban's old Mr. Roarke role and wanting to revive the old TV concept. But so much else fails because of this intricate renovation, in which the guests go through their individual hells and one major obsession is filmed after another. It's just a checklist of the nasty horror tropes at the end.
The countess (Juliette Lewis, from left), her vampire brother (Tomas Lemarquis) and his child bride (Themis Pauwels) prepare for a shindig in "Dreamland".
70. "Dreamland"
There is a strong sense of style in this noir horror fantasy, but not very much like a cohesive narrative. A well-known trumpeter (Stephen McHattie), the killer (also McHattie) who was hired to bring back one of the musician's fingers, and a bonkers plot involving psychics, jazz, pedophilia and vampires.
Jim Schubin and Chloe Carroll star as a couple who embark on a 30-day science experiment in the science fiction thriller "The Honeymoon Phase".
69. "The Honeymoon Phase"
Like a particularly daunting "Black Mirror" episode, the mediocre sci-fi thriller Chloe Carroll and Jim Schubin play as young lovers posing as a married couple to be part of a 30-day social experiment, the one with a nice selves comes with -isolation digs, $ 50,000 and a nightmarish situation. Spoiler alert: the money is absolutely not worth it.
Poor Faith (Lin Shaye, left) encounters a vengeful ghost (Tara Westwood) in the latest iteration of the Japanese horror film "The Grudge".
68. "The Grudge"
In the latest (and memorable) rerun of the Japanese horror film, a few police officers and others encounter a vengeful phantom who attaches itself to homes and people and pursues them to their inevitable doom. The film offers non-linear, intertwined storylines, ghosts from bathtubs and little else.
Keegan Allen plays a social media superstar who travels to Moscow to stage an escape room stunt for his millions of followers and gets involved in a dangerous game in the horror film "No Escape".
67. "No Escape"
A popular vlogger (Keegan Allen) is brought to Moscow by his friends to produce an epic anniversary episode in a Russian escape room, which is about very sharp traps and killer puzzles. Here's a shock: It goes oh so very wrong as the unoriginal thriller borrows generously from various "Hostel" and "Saw" films.
In the survival thriller "Alone", Jules Willcox plays a woman who is pursued on the street and through the woods by a middle-aged psycho.
66. "Alone"
The survival horror is pretty normal with a recently widowed woman (Jules Willcox) being persecuted by a middle-aged psycho (Marc Menchaca). In reality, however, there is a solid foundation that gives it an added fear factor and results in the killer being forced to deal with his life without being a scary killer.
Freya Tingley plays a talented violinist who inherits the Gothic castle of her late composer father and the unpublished masterpiece in "The Sonata".
65. "The Sonata"
Freya Tingley plays a talented violinist, whose composer father (the late Rutger Hauer) dies extremely violently. She inherits a Gothic castle and an unreleased masterpiece - filled with strange symbols thanks to Dad's dark interests - in a movie with cool classical music but no real fear.
Katie Holmes plays a mother in "Brahms: The Boy II" who doesn't know what to do with an eerie porcelain doll.
64. 'Brahms: The Boy II'
Katie Holmes is a mother whose family moves to the English countryside after a violent break-in, and Christopher Convery plays the boy who finds and becomes friends with the crazy doll Brahms. Brahms is pretty annoying, but the sequel frustratingly undermines what made the twist ending of the first film cool and instead falls back on boring horror tropes.
Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth play the lead role in the horror thriller "Death of Me" as a holiday couple on an island off the coast of Thailand who wake up hungover with no memory of the night before and find footage of him killing them on their camera.
63. "Death of me"
You can't beat the premise: a married couple (Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth) wake up from a night of partying and would probably rather go back to bed after seeing a smartphone video of them strangling them to death. The rest of the thriller fiddles with its potential as they begin learning about the island's dark, magical mythology.
April Billingsley plays a psychiatric patient who insists that her newborn baby was kidnapped by a secret cult in "The Dark Red".
62. "The Dark Red"
The indie psychological thriller depends on a psychiatric patient (April Billingsley) who insists that her newborn baby was kidnapped by a secret cult that collects people of her rare blood type. It's "Is she crazy or not?" The narrative turns a goofy third act into a revenge film that shows Billingsley's pull-up skills better than handing out chills.
Joe Keery plays a young rideshare driver who goes to grueling extremes for social clout in the thriller "Spree".
61. "Spree"
In the fleetingly clever social media thriller, would-be influencer / rideshare driver Kurt Kunkle (Joe Keery) is so desperate for likes that one day he goes wild and broadcasts the whole thing live. Former "SNL" star Sasheer Zamata is the high point as a stand-up comedian trapped in Kurt's world.
"A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting" plays Tamara Smart (right, with Oona Laurence) as a young girl who has been accepted into a secret society of international babysitters whose job is to protect young children.
60. 'A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunt'
When her young wife is caught with shameful machinations by an extravagant boogeyman ("Harry Potter" actor Tom Felton), a teenage girl (Tamara Smart) joins the all-business manager (Oona Laurence) of a top-secret supergroup of babysitters to save the world.
The young Claire (Elizabeth Birkner) accidentally releases a demon from a haunted mirror in the horror film "Behind You".
59. "Behind you"
Two young sisters move in with their very strange estranged aunt, all the mirrors in the house are obscured (for a reason, of course), and when one of the girls spots one, she releases an evil demon who previously haunted the family. The few highlights are ruined by an intertwined mythology, many clichés and a lack of fear.
Kevin Janssens and Olga Kurylenko play the main role as a European couple who buy a house with a secret dream room in "The Room".
58. "The room"
A European couple buys an old house and, in the midst of the excitement, discovers a hidden room where everything they want will come true. It's pretty standard "Monkey's Paw" material for a lot of it, though the film does show some depth when it finally gets personal with its main characters and their deepest desires.
Hermione Corfield plays a marine biology student who investigates an otherworldly craziness associated with a fishing trawler in Sea Fever.
57. "Sea Fever"
On the one hand, it is hopelessly derived. On the other hand, it has an exploding eye that will make you squirm. The science fiction horror revolves around a marine biology student who goes aboard a European fishing trawler, which is invaded by an otherworldly organism that infects the seafarers and drives them crazy. Maybe not the best movie when worms go crazy.
Zachary Knighton plays the leader of an outlaw gang who runs counter to a coven in the western horror "The Pale Door".
56. "The Pale Door"
After a twilight robbery headed south for the Dalton gang - including their outlaw leader (Zachary Knighton) and his younger brother (Devin Druid) - they end up in a ghost town that unfortunately is home to a coven of bloodthirsty witches is located. And they're just the best part about this indie horror with a western flavor.
Britt Robertson stars in the horror film Books of Blood, based on Clive Barker's acclaimed and influential anthology, which features three stories about the strange and the very scary.
55. "Books of Blood"
Clive Barker's acclaimed anthology contains a mediocre adaptation of four intertwined stories in which a young woman (Britt Robertson) who lives in a B&B, an academic skeptic (Anna Friel), a medium (Rafi Gavron) for the dead meets, and a criminal (Yul Vazquez) can be seen looking for a seriously sinister book.
Jeremy Gardner (with Brea Grant) writes, directs, and stars in "After Midnight," as a small town dweller facing a mysterious evil creature that shows up on his doorstep every night.
54. "After midnight"
In the indie horror romance at home, a small town bar owner has to deal with a vicious monster that attacks his front door every night. While the creature's appearance coincides with the guy's girlfriend's disappearance, "Midnight" cleverly explores the push-pull between expanding your horizons and maintaining a smug demeanor.
Sarita Choudhury plays a mother who is certain that her daughter's new boyfriend in "Evil Eye" is connected to her own dark past.
53. "Evil Eye"
In a psychological thriller that blends dark magic and Indian culture, a young woman from New Orleans (Sunita Mani) has a sweet encounter and dates a seemingly cool man (Omar Maskati), but for her overprotective Delhi mother (Sarita) go red flags Choudhury) when she is sure the guy is connected to her dead abusive ex.
Kristen Stewart competes against mysterious creatures seven miles below the surface of the sea in the science fiction thriller "Underwater".
52. "Underwater"
The "alien" influence is not at all subtle in the action-packed thriller starring Kristen Stewart as a mechanical engineer on a doomed drilling team seven miles below the surface. There are plenty of claustrophobic escapes destroying deep sea dangers and cute monsters, and Stewart does a decent job rocking a modern Ripley vibe.
David Cronenberg (left) plays a podcaster who helps a young woman (Tuppence Middleton) with a mystery about Niagara Falls in Disappearance at Clifton Hill.
51. "Disappearances in Clifton Hill"
Horror legend David Cronenberg plays a bizarre podcaster and is a scene stealer in the film about a young woman (Tuppence Middleton) who returns to her home in Niagara Falls, still traumatized by a tragedy she witnessed as a girl. The immersive narrative is tangled in its resolution, but it offers some well-crafted moments that are well worth seeing.
Alexis (Alexandra Daddario, center) and her friends (Amy Forsyth and Maddie Hasson) pick up some guys at a local heavy metal show in the horror comedy "We Summon the Darkness".
50. "We conjure up the darkness"
Amid a satanic panic with killers at large in their 1980s Midwestern locale, a group of girlfriends go to a rock show, three guys join in, and things get bloody when the pentagrams and chainsaws come out. You can see the twists coming, though "Darkness" takes a horror comedy stab at cults of personality.
Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg are a house hunt couple who explore a very strange area in the science fiction thriller "Vivarium".
49. "Vivarium"
Suburban madness is real for the main couple (Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots) when trapped in an otherworldly identical neighborhood, especially when a baby is placed in front of them with the message "Lift him and be released". There's a creepy kid, as well as a bigger metaphor about life and parenting.
A social media influencer (Matthew Solomon) decides to do his vlog in a cursed hotel on "Followed".
48. "Followed"
Desperate for new subscribers, a vlogging influencer (Matthew Solomon) spends Halloween weekend with his crew at a cursed LA hotel that has been haunted by a serial killer. The best part about found footage film is that the most annoying characters are driven through hell.
A middle-aged husband (Kevin Bacon) is driven crazy in a dark house in You Should Have Left.
47. "You should have gone"
Kevin Bacon plays a middle-aged man with a mysterious play of shame and a much younger wife (Amanda Seyfried) whose Welsh escape becomes eerie when dark forces keep him trapped in a modern home that defies time and space. There are some scary moments, but they should have made a less predictable movie.
Mireille Enos and Peter Sarsgaard play parents who have to cover up their teenage daughter who murders her best friend in the horror mystery "The Lie".
46. ​​"The Lie"
Mireille Enos and Peter Sarsgaard are divorced parents who protect their teenage daughter (Joey King) when she confesses to murdering her best friend. It's not that dry, of course, but writer / director Veena Sud ("The Killing") juggles enough real nightmares to freak out even the most devoted mothers and fathers.
Wil Wheaton plays a charismatic onscreen guy who gives emotional support to a lonely bachelor in the 1990s horror movie "Rent-A-Pal" on VHS videotape.
45. "Rent-A-Pal"
Wil Wheaton channels his inner creepy Mister Rogers in this insane 1990 film about a lonely guy named David (Brian Landis Folkins) whose love life has pushed caring for his mother with dementia into the background. A self-help VHS tape with the oddly kind Andy (Wheaton) leads to a very disturbing "friendship".
Maisie Williams plays a young British woman who is involved in a robbery that went wrong in the horror thriller "The Owners".
44. "The owners"
The next time you take old folks for granted, remember this British home invasion thriller. Maisie Williams plays a young woman who is embroiled in a dire situation when her boyfriend's friends commit a house robbery, the older residents come home, and the Whippersnappers grapple with a brutal comeup dance.
Jessica Reynolds plays the teenage daughter who was kept secret all her life in the horror "Curse of Audrey Earnshaw".
43. "The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw"
This super-duper gritty chiller from the 1970s revolves around an isolated Protestant village of food shortages, plague, and death, and everyone blames Agatha Earnshaw (Catherine Walker) and accuses her of witchcraft. But it gets really bad when they find out she's been hiding a teenage daughter, Audrey (Jessica Reynolds), since she was born.
Lulu Wilson plays the rebellious teenage boy who defends himself against intruders in the bloody thriller "Becky".
42. 'Becky'
On one of the biggest swings of 2020, comedian Kevin James wears a shaved head with a huge swastika tattoo in this revenge thriller, a twisted version of "Home Alone" starring a rebellious teenage girl (Lulu Wilson) battling a pack escaped convicts fends off their sadistic neo-Nazi leader (James).
41. 'Stories from the Hood 3'
The third film in the social horror anthology series, produced by Spike Lee and directed by original "Tales" filmmaker Rusty Cundieff, features an old man ("Candyman" icon Tony Todd) and a little girl, exchanging stories, including cursing a petty criminal after stealing a pair of gold basketball shoes.
Jenna Lyng Adams plays a TV star who returns to her rural hometown during a pandemic in the thriller "Before the Fire".
40. "Before the fire"
The timely, women-led thriller stars as Jenna Lyng Adams as a television actress displaced from Hollywood by a deadly influenza outbreak. She ends up back in her hometown in South Dakota and is forced to survive when her abusive father (Charles Hubbell) turns out to be more dangerous than contagion.
A fed up woman (Chelsey Grant) goes to extreme lengths to kill a psycho in one of seven stories in the horror comedy "Scare Package".
39. "Anxiety Package"
Using a 1980s-style video shop as its framing device, the horror comedy anthology unleashes seven stories cheerfully broadcasting different subgenres - for example, three girls in one story are possessed by a demonic lollipop, and in another story is an indelible one Slasher in the spotlight - and put a clever meta-spin on a tropical pit.
38. "Duk duck!"
The horror comedy is perfect for those who missed the European working class charm of "Shaun of the Dead". The horror comedy is pretty goofy - and gleefully bloody - when a motley crew of teenagers on a camping trip in the Scottish Highlands are chased by an elderly gentleman (Eddie Izzard) in a strange mask.
"Nocturne" is played by Sydney Sweeney as a talented pianist at a renowned music academy who, after finding a deceased classmate's notebook, begins to overtake her talented older sister.
37. "Nocturne"
It's a classically tinged Schlock festival when a young pianist (Sydney Sweeney) at a prestigious art school finds a dead classmate's music book (full of demonic doodles, by the way) and uses it to gain an advantage over her talented sister (Madison Iseman) procure) - with some consequences.
Will Forte appears as a stranded singer with satanic intentions and Maeve Higgins is a friendly Irish driving instructor on the horror comedy "Extra Ordinary".
36. "Exceptional"
In this small-town Irish charm full of ghosts and satanic pacts, Rose (Maeve Higgins) is a driving instructor and reluctant psychic who must save a virgin from the devil-worshiping shenanigans of popular music (Will Forte). . The film deals with the loneliness of ghosts in an intriguing way and has a fun but gross running gag with ectoplasm.
A Greek doctor (Prometheus Aleifer) is delighted with a mercury woman (Anastasia Rafaella Konidi), who lives in the forest in the horror story "Entwined".
35. "Entwined"
A Greek doctor (Prometheus Aleifer) gets a new appearance in a remote village and is bewitched by a reclusive mercury woman (Anastasia Rafaella Konidi) who lives in isolation in a forest and has a strange skin disease. Sparks fly, but in a dark fable of love and nature, things get thorny between them.
34. "Hubie Halloween"
The cute and goofy Netflix comedy stars Adam Sandler as the mumbling outsider Hubie Dubois (Sandler), the bullied Halloween protector of Salem, Massachusetts. However, this year the city actually needs its strange services when an escaped psycho hits the city and the residents disappear.
Elijah Wood plays a man who visits his long-estranged father and gets into crazy circumstances in "Come to Daddy".
33. "Come to Papa"
Noir and comedy mix in this crazy getaway that starts with quotes from two greats: Shakespeare and Beyoncé. A privileged guy (Elijah Wood) travels to see the estranged father who left him behind as a child. Their reunion is a disaster, and one insane reveal forces our man-child hero to survive a series of bloody predicaments.
The meta-horror comedy "Scare Me" plays Aya Cash (right, with Chris Redd) as a master of terrible stories that are stuck with a co-author in a Catskills booth and bring their stories to crazy life.
32. "Scare me"
Writer / director Josh Ruben plays an amateur writer in the horror comedy who is hoping to get something done in a Catskills booth when he meets his neighbor (Aya Cash), the greatest since Stephen King. You enter a competition to tell the scariest story, a situation that gets even crazier when a pizza delivery boy (Chris Redd) shows up.
Mary J. Blige and Nat Wolff play cops who deal with a supernatural force in the thriller "Body Cam".
31. 'Body Cam'
With Mary J. Blige as the officer investigating the gruesome murders of other police officers, what at first glance appears to be your ordinary law-and-order drama becomes very supernatural with interesting subjects like revenge and police brutality, a twist on the Found -Footage Model in Cool Paths and Lots of Exposed Organs for Gore Hounds.
Clancy Brown plays the storyteller Montgomery Dark in the horror anthology film "The Mortuary Collection".
30. "The morgue"
Storyteller Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown) and a curious drifter (Caitlin Fisher) looking for a job exchange four terrifying stories, from a satisfying twist on the slasher villain archetype to the shuddering example of unprotected college sex that went very, very wrong.
A comic book creator (Jesse Williams, right) meets a real-life version of his masked slasher character in Random Acts of Violence.
29. "Accidental acts of violence"
Jay Baruchel plays this fascinating exploration of artistic responsibility and modern morals about the Canadian creator (Jesse Williams) of a hit comic strip in which the masked protagonist is based on an actual series slasher, and while on a road trip to New York Comic Con, he sees all too familiar scenes of disturbing slaughter.
Nicole Brydon Bloom plays a woman who learns that her new LA apartment complex is not the utopia that seems to be in "1BR".
28. "1BR"
A recent LA (Nicole Brydon Bloom) transplant scores a cute Hollywood block with seemingly nice neighbors cooking. Only too late does she recognize the bizarre reality of her new surroundings. "1BR" is an ace when it comes to tackling the ideology behind fellowship and cults, and goes into some pretty disturbing places in its brutality.
Alec Secareau is a former soldier and Carla Juri is a young woman who takes care of her mother in the horror film "Amulet".
27. "Amulet"
In the diabolical horror film by director Romola Garai, a former soldier (Alec Secareanu) moves in to help a young woman (Carla Juri) with the maintenance of her run-down house. The craziness is up where her elder mom lives, however, and some craziness will show up during a slow burning cooler that meets your expectations.
A group of friends are attending a session on Zoom, and the results are frightening in the horror movie "Host" filmed during quarantine.
26. "Host"
The clever film, which was remotely filmed and produced during the COVID-19 quarantine, draws on current circumstances and streamlines the found footage model in a lean way with the story of banned friends who via Zoom and some at one Attending Online Session Aggressive spirits do not maintain adequate social distancing.
Alix Angelis plays an obsessive fiancée in "The Cleansing Hour," which is about a few millennials who host fake exorcisms on a popular webcast until they suddenly become very real.
25. "The cleaning lesson"
A popular web personality (Ryan Guzman) and his producer (Kyle Gallner) faked livestream exorcisms for clicks, but it's all fun and games until their newest guest star (Alix Angelis) is actually possessed. It's a neat premise that has been enhanced with an uncomfortably contemporary, thought-provoking ending.
Janelle Monae has two roles in the horror film "Antebellum", including as an enslaved woman planning to escape.
24. "Antebellum"
Janelle Monae rocks her dual roles in this contemporary and curvy Shyamalan-like thriller. She plays an enslaved woman who works on a plantation ruled by ruthless and vicious southerners, and a modern day sociologist who is attacked by some mysterious villains. A rousing, action-packed final act only reinforces its deeper message.
Haley Bennett plays a housewife who develops a state of eating strange objects like marbles and pins in the psychological thriller "Swallow".
23. "Swallow"
Haley Bennett plays the cheerful housewife Hunter who becomes pregnant and develops Pica. She compulsively swallows needles, screwdrivers, and other items that make you wind. However, the "Oh, please don't eat this" situations shift to more hopeful situations as Hunter reclaims her identity and grapples with a dark past
Krista Kosonen plays a dominatrix who creates an emotional connection to a widowed heart surgeon in the Finnish film "Dogs Don't Wear Pants".
22. "Dogs don't wear pants"
The Finnish thriller, which played at the Cannes and Toronto film festivals last year, is surprisingly as lovable as it is disturbing. A widowed cardiac surgeon is a cold fish with sexual problems when he meets and creates a strong bond with a BDSM dominatrix whose methods of strangulation are addicting, liberating and strangely cathartic to him.
Gabrielle Elyse (left) and Mary Nepi play estranged childhood friends who reunite when one of them loses her virginity and becomes pregnant with an alien baby in "Snatchers".
21. "Snatcher"
"Booksmart" meets "Shaun of the Dead" and "Gremlins" in the teen horror comedy about a teenage girl who loses her virginity and "gives birth" to an alien baby. Come for the gruesome gimmicks of a monstrous creature that clings to people's heads and stay for estranged childhood friends who reunite to become BBFs for creature hunting.
A Soviet cosmonaut (Pyotr Fyodorov, right) returns to earth with a dangerous alien organism in the science fiction horror "Sputnik".
20. 'Sputnik'
In a creepy science fiction cooler set during the Cold War, a Soviet cosmonaut (Pyotr Fyodorov) returns to Earth inhabited by unwanted extraterrestrial cargo. He is taken to a secret location where the deadly creature comes out when its host sleeps, and a controversial doctor (Oksana Akinshina) is the best chance for the spaceman to survive.
Tara Basro (right, with Marissa Anita) plays a woman who investigates a remote Indonesian village with the residents and wants to kill them and break an old curse in "Impetigore".
19. "Impetigore"



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