Erin Burnett Dismantles One Of Donald Trump’s Most Repeated Lies About COVID-19

Erin Burnett on Friday exposed one of President Donald Trump's most repeated and dangerous lies about the coronavirus pandemic - that the United States is "rounding" the turn of the public health crisis.
Trump has publicly claimed "for months and months and months" that the outbreak is almost over, noted the host of CNN's "Outfront".
But Burnett reminded viewers that there is currently “no end to the spread of the virus” as America now hits a new high of cases. COVID-19 has now killed more than 217,000 people and infected more than 8 million nationwide.
"He said we had been rounding the turnaround for months and months and months and it's not true yet," Burnett said, citing the more than 800 deaths that were reported Thursday and the fact that several states are now Records report hospital stays from COVID-19.
While Trump has repeatedly downplayed the threat of the coronavirus in public, which took him to hospital for three days earlier this month, he has privately acknowledged his "deadly" threat. The president has held several overcrowded rallies for 2020 re-election in the past few days, with many of his supporters standing side by side and not wearing masks.
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