Emma Roberts Blocked Her Mom on Instagram After She Accidentally Revealed Her Pregnancy

Emma Roberts' pregnancy report was one she - and her mother - will never forget.
During the episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! On October 19th, the 29-year-old actress looked back at how her mother Kelly Cunningham "spilled the beans". To frame the scene, Roberts explained that her mother didn't own a computer and that until three years ago she had a flip phone. So the American horror story star decided to buy her an iPhone for Mother's Day.
“I said, 'Now we can FaceTime and iMessage. And how cute.' And it was such a love festival, "recalled Roberts. "And it was the worst thing I've ever done."
First, Cunningham set up Google Alerts for Roberts. "So she says, 'Emma, ​​did you see that photo from 2010?' I said, "Yeah, I saw this photo," said the Scream Queens alum. "So I got flooded with 'Is this true' and 'Have you seen this and that?' I said, 'That was a bad idea.' "
Check out Emma Roberts' chic pregnancy style
Then Cunningham got Instagram. And while Roberts said the proud parents only had "a few hundred" followers at first, she soon garnered "a few thousand" and "had no idea what she was up against".
Soon Cunningham was interacting with Robert's fans. And while the Holidate star was trying to "hold back" on her pregnancy at the time, Cunningham thanked followers for her good wishes on the baby news. For example, when a commenter asked directly if Roberts was pregnant, Cunningham replied, "Yes !!" And when another member of the family congratulated the family, Cunningham wrote, "Thank you very much! Very excited."
"It was a disaster," said Roberts. "And I figured it all out on a plane. So I couldn't reach her. I couldn't call or attack her. I could just send a message with her and DM and ask her to please stop."
Her mother also didn't seem to understand why her comments were a big deal. "When I said to her, 'Mom, you revealed my pregnancy,' she said, 'Emma, ​​you announced it,'" said Roberts. "I said, 'No, I haven't. It was a tabloid.' She says, 'Oh, that wasn't clear.' "
Roberts said the two "laughed" at this and then "sort of got into a fight". "I blocked it at some point. It was my only weapon," said the mother-to-be. “She wrote to me at 2:00 in the morning, 'Queen, have you blocked me? Sad face.' I said, "Yeah, I blocked you." Then I unblocked her. It was an Instagram war with my mom that I never saw coming. A good story to tell the baby. "
She also confirmed a few months later that she and Garrett Hedlund are expecting a baby boy.
"I was convinced I had a girl to the point where I said to my boyfriend, 'If it's a boy, you can call it.' In the meantime, he said, "It's a girl. So who cares? Now I can name it, "said Roberts." When we found out he said, 'Oh yeah, so you said I can name it.' And I said, 'I said that, didn't I? It's so funny I said that. ' "
Emma Roberts
And while Roberts said she had an entire "scroll of names," she noted that the 36-year-old actor had chosen a different nickname. "He found a winner who was really good," she said. "All of me vetoed for various reasons, which made me very angry."
While the Unfabulous celeb didn't reveal which one they picked, she hinted at their due date and noted that she has "a few months left".
Check out the video to see her interview.

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