Deli owner reacts to lifting of mask rule in Texas

Texas is lifting a COVID-19 mask mandate imposed last summer, making it the largest state to abolish a face-covering order. However, some business owners say they will keep the existing security standards until they see more data. (2nd March)
Video transcript
ZIGGY GRUBER: It was wonderful to hear that he lets us open 100%.
All frozen soups and things.
- Frozen matzah ball soup.
ZIGGY GRUBER: Yeah. I'm a little nervous that you mentioned the overall masks taking off the overall masks. I have some of my customers who love what we do here. We all have our tables a certain distance apart so that they are comfortable. And everyone likes the idea that people have to wear masks. So we take everything with a pinch of salt. Who knows what's gonna happen But we're going through right now. But it looks like we are going in a positive direction.
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