Coronavirus latest news: Hospitals told to be ready for vaccine this week

Extra money for pubs and restaurants
Shops can stay open longer before Christmas
Opening caves but sitting on Santa's lap is forbidden
Covid cases will be cut by a third during the lockdown
According to The Telegraph, NHS hospitals should be ready to deploy a vaccine as early as Wednesday.
Sources in London said trusts had "been asked to mobilize" amid widespread expectation that Pfizer vaccine would receive regulatory approval this week.
The results of Pfizer-BioNTech's Phase 3 studies are expected to be 95 percent effective and are currently under review by the drug and healthcare regulator.
The cans could arrive on the front lines within days of approval being granted.
Matt Hancock has been saying for weeks that the NHS should be ready to roll out the vaccine by early December.
Professor Peter Openshaw of Imperial College, a member of the Advisory Group on New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats, said yesterday that a coronavirus vaccine could be available "as soon as next week".
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Counties across California have tighter restrictions when Thanksgiving travelers return home
Counties across California will begin tougher Covid-19 restrictions on Monday as cases surge nationwide and Thanksgiving travelers return home.
Health officials are preparing for a wave of cases over the next two or three weeks that could be linked to holiday gatherings.
Los Angeles County will be imposing a lockdown asking its 10 million residents to stay home starting Monday.
Travelers walk through Terminal 3 at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago on Sunday, November 29, 2020. The US is preparing for another surge after many people across the country travel for Thanksgiving. - Nam Y. Huh
The state reported 7,415 coronavirus hospital stays on Sunday, citing the latest available data from the previous day. More than 1,700 of these patients were in intensive care units. California's previous record was 7,170 in July.
As of Sunday, California had nearly 1.2 million confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 19,000 deaths since the pandemic began. The state reported around 15,600 new cases on Saturday.
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Lockdown reduced Covid cases nationwide by a third, as the REACT study from Imperial College London shows
Henry Bodkin of the Telegraph reports:
Lockdown reduced Covid cases nationally by a third, although infection levels have barely changed in some areas, new data suggests.
Imperial College London's REACT study for England found infections decreased by more than half in the Northwest and Northeast, and decreased in Yorkshire and Humber as well.
However, the prevalence remained high in the East Midlands and West Midlands.
More than 105,000 volunteers have been tested in England for ongoing research.
According to the seventh round of the study, 96 people per 10,000 were infected between November 13 and November 24, up from 132 per 10,000 between October 26 and November 2.
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Six dead and 52 injured in Sri Lanka after riot in prison over the increase in infections
A riot by inmates over a flood of coronavirus infections in a maximum security prison in Sri Lanka has left at least eight dead and 55 wounded, according to police.
Hundreds of policemen surrounded the Mahara prison at the gates of the capital Colombo, where inmates set fire to the kitchens and briefly took two guards hostage on Sunday, residents and police said.
"The two officers were rescued and hospitalized," said police spokesman Ajith Rohana.
"The situation is under control."
Six hundred officers, including 200 police detachments, are stationed around the edge, he added.
However, the prison authorities would not say whether they had withdrawn the entire Mahara complex.
Special Task Force (STF) staff at Mahara Prison after a prison riot over the increase in coronavirus infections - LAKRUWAN WANNIARACHCHI
The bodies of eight inmates were taken to the nearby Ragama Hospital, according to medical sources. Another 55 wounded prisoners, some in critical condition, were admitted Sunday evening.
Inmates broke out of their cells to protest a spate of coronavirus infections.
There were weeks of unrest in prisons in Sri Lanka as the number of Covid-19 cases in prisons exceeded 1,000 as of Saturday. Two inmates died of the disease.
The number of Covid-19 deaths across the country has increased six-fold this month to 116, while the number of infections more than doubled to 23,484.
Sri Lanka had reported 19 deaths out of 10,424 cases at the end of October.
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The first international students have come to Australia since the virus was shut down
International students disembarking from a flight at Darwin Airport in Darwin - Charles Darwin University / JULES
International students have arrived in Australia for the first time since the country closed its borders in March to contain the coronavirus. A charter flight landed in Darwin on Monday.
Australian universities have lost money due to the country's perpetual border closure, which locked out foreign students who keep the billion-dollar sector alive.
A plane with 63 international students chartered by Charles Darwin University (CDU) arrived in the northern city of Darwin as part of a pilot program to boost the university industry.
The students - from mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia - traveled to Singapore to catch the flight and will now be spending 14 days in a state quarantine facility.
The mix of new and graduate students is enrolled in a number of undergraduate and graduate courses, including law, nursing, and engineering.
In a statement, the CDU said this was "an important first step in the recovery of the international education sector in Australia".
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Older abuse reaches "unprecedented levels" in pandemics
A survey found that 35 percent of people in the UK do not believe that "inappropriate sexual activity against the elderly" is considered abuse, and nearly 30 percent do not consider "poking, beating or beating an elderly person" as abuse.
Almost a third also said they did not view "taking valuable items from an elderly relative's home without asking" as abuse.
Older abuse is at "unprecedented levels" - with nearly 2.7 million victims believed to be affected in the UK, the charity behind the survey said.
Hourglass issued the warning after commissioning the survey that 22 percent of UK residents have personal experience of or know someone who has been targeted for abuse by an elderly person.
The charity, which promotes safer aging, believes attitudes about what is considered abuse fuel the problem.
Read the whole story here.
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It's starting to look a little more like Christmas
Guidelines on Santa's Grottoes, Christmas carol singing, and nativity scenes published on Sunday suggest that Christmas looks a lot like - but not quite the way you know it.
Festive traditions may only be continued within the framework of the regulations - with limited numbers and social distancing.
Aaron Spenedelow, dressed as Santa Claus, speaks to the camera during a zoom call to a family as Santa's Grotto Live begins in Wembley, London - NIKLAS HALLE'N / AFP
The latest guides include:
Door-to-door Christmas carol singers can spread their annual cheers - but only in groups of six and at least 2 m away from the "threshold of an apartment".
Indoor singing by professional and amateur choirs may take place depending on the level of the area, but audiences or communities are not allowed to participate in "activities that can generate aerosols, including singing, shouting, and chanting".
School crib games may take place "within the existing school bubbles" and avoid mixing between the groups. The public may only participate in the areas of level 1 and 2 - subject to "appropriate protective measures". Tier 3 schools are recommended to use live streaming or record the performances.
Santa's grottoes can be opened in all levels as long as they are in places that are allowed to be opened.
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WW was hit by the forced closure of workshops during the pandemic
Weight Watchers plans to potentially ditch up to half of its UK trainers. Coaches motivate members through programs through live chat and face-to-face meetings.
The move comes when the brand tries to relocate its online business due to the pandemic and increased competition.
The US company, renamed WW International in 2018, could eliminate up to 50 percent of its nearly 800 UK-based coaches, according to sources, although some of the departures will be voluntary.
The move comes just two years after the 57-year-old brand transitioned from weight loss to general health and wellbeing.
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Shops are slated to stay open longer in the run-up to Christmas, as the rules announced to revive coronavirus-restricted high street shops are being relaxed significantly.
Lockdown reduced Covid cases nationally by a third, although infection levels have barely changed in some areas, new data suggests.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may not be in the Queen's "Christmas Bubble" as The Telegraph believes their three young children are a risk to their older great-grandparents.

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