Chris Hayes Mocks Ted Cruz For Showing Up To Hearing 'In A Hot Dog Suit'

MSNBC's Chris Hayes found just the right meme for Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) after appearing at Tuesday's January 6 riot hearings at the U.S. Capitol held by supporters of President Donald Trump.
Cruz was one of those who pounced on the crowd by helping to spread lies about the presidential election, but at the hearings he pretended he had nothing to do with it.
That, Hayes said, reminded him of the man in the hot dog suit on the Netflix show, "I think you should go."
In the sketch, a hot dog car crashes into a shop. When the dust settles the driver is gone and the people inside wonder who did it - only to find a guy in a hot dog suit who showed up among them and is just as angry.
"Yeah, come on, whoever did that, just confess," yells the hot dog man. "We promise we won't be angry!"
Cruz was very much like the man in the hot dog suit, clearly responsible, but pretending to ask for answers like everyone else.
"There is significant evidence that the January 6th attack on the Capitol was deliberately planned and coordinated," said Cruz during the hearing, and later added, "The January 6th uprising was no accident."
Hayes agreed.
"No, no, Senator, it was no accident," he said. "We're all trying to find out who did this."
Hayes added:
“It came from the encouragement and incitement of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz themselves, among other things, spreading the big election lie that the election was stolen and then setting January 6th as the big challenge day and then basically showing up as today's Hearing in a hot dog suit and asking Christopher Wray how all this happened. "
See Hayes' full segment above.
Here is the original hot dog sketch for comparison:
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.
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