China’s Nio Unveils ET7 Sedan with Lidar, 600+ Miles of Range

Photo credit: Nio
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The Chinese EV manufacturer Nio presented its first sedan, the ET7, and expanded its range to four vehicles.
The ET7 offers buyers a variety of battery and charging options, including 70.0 and 100.0 kWh batteries, as well as an upcoming 150.0 kWh battery. Drivers can also choose to have Nio batteries changed.
The ET7 also features the latest in autonomous technology from Nio and has a lidar system. It is not yet clear what Nio's autonomous system is capable of.
Nio, a China-based electric vehicle manufacturer, unveiled its fourth production vehicle and its first sedan, the ET7, at an event called Nio Day over the weekend. The company has made a name for itself in its home market with impressive technology, and the ET7, which the company claims will offer a 150.0 kWh solid-state battery by 2022, follows suit.
According to Nio, the standard battery of the ET7 with 70.0 kWh offers a range of more than 310 miles. A 100.0 kWh battery with a range of up to 435 miles is also offered. A solid-state battery, which won't be available in China until next year, gives drivers a range of more than 620 miles. The largest battery in the ET7 is certainly the best longest range battery Tesla has to offer. It is available on the Model S and reaches 402 EPA miles.
As early as 2018, Nio discussed plans to enter the US market with a possible electric crossover. However, the company has not provided any details or an estimated timetable for when this could happen.
From around $ 69,000 for the 70.0 kWh option, the ET7 and Model S are fighting for the same buyers. However, the price drops to around $ 58,000 if the buyer opts for Nio's BaaS (Battery as a Service) subscription, with drivers driving their batteries at Nio Power Swap stations in China for a fee of around US $ 150 - Can exchange dollars per month. The power swap stations are Nio's answer to the time-consuming charging process of an electric vehicle. The ET7 has engines front and rear with a combined output of 643 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. The sedan should accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds.
Photo credit: Nio
The Nio ET7 is a luxury sedan with a simple but attractive design. The look is sleek and clean, with a sharp front that's highlighted by the narrow headlights. The gentle slope of the roofline meets a narrow tail light that extends the width of the vehicle.
Inside the ET7 there is a 12.8-inch infotainment screen and a digital instrument cluster. The vent design shown in Nio's other vehicles makes the Tesla Model 3 look more similar. There are few buttons and the steering wheel has a two-spoke design like on new Genesis vehicles.
Nio claims the ET7 is an autonomous vehicle, but it is unclear what the ET7's advanced driver assistance system can do in terms of driver intervention and monitoring. We know the system has 11 8-megapixel cameras and what Nio calls "high-resolution, extremely long-range lidar," plus five radar and 12 ultrasonic sensors, among other things.
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