Bucks paying Pat Connaughton more after contract issue

Giannis Antetokounmpo is reportedly looking into whether to sign a Super Max extension with the money.
Meanwhile, Milwaukee had broken the sign and trade for Bogdan Bogdanovic, faced a manipulative investigation, and was forced to revise its deal for Pat Connaughton after the terms originally reported were illegitimate.
Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN:
The Bucks re-sign Connaughton through Early Bird Rights. However, early booking contracts must last at least two seasons with no options. The original deal was only for one season before a player option.
Milwaukee could have signed Connaughton through the mid-level exception to the original terms. Except D.J. Austin then took up too much of the middle exception.
So Connaughton gets an early bird contract - a contract that is worth almost twice as much as the original contract.
Here are the old and new terms, provided the total reported salaries are accurate and the maximum increase:
Old terms
New terms
$ 3,990,385
$ 4,938,272
$ 4,309,615
$ 5,333,333
$ 5,728,395
$ 8,300,000
$ 16,000,000
Player option
This seems like a costly mistake for a team burdened with a hard cap ... trying to convince a superstar to trust them with the next phase of their career.
Money Pat Connaughton paid more after the contract edition originally appeared on NBCSports.com

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