Bob Woodward, Wolf Blitzer Claim GOP Senators Privately Criticize Donald Trump

The different ways some GOP senators speak privately and then publicly about President Donald Trump were highlighted by famous Watergate journalists Bob Woodward and Wolf Blitzer on CNN on Thursday's The Situation Room.
Woodward - whose new book "Rage" revealed how Trump deliberately misled the public about the coronavirus threat while knowing the danger privately - warned that the "world of private truth and public falsehood" was among Republicans Legislators are "very dangerous" to the United States.
This week, audio from Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) Surfaced in a call with voters criticizing Trump's abuse of the pandemic and flirting with white supremacists. Sasse, who has publicly supported Trump on most issues, said the president's values ​​were "flawed not just for a Republican but also for an American."
Woodward said Sasse was "caught telling the truth". He said he knew "other Republican senators who feel the same way" but "they have not yet been caught and more disastrous, they will not share the private conclusions they have with the public."
Blitzer added that he had heard: "A number of Republicans who refuse to say such things publicly will say these things in private, but they are afraid of the President, they will not say such things in public." ”
"Stand back and the horror that we have the world of private truth and public falsehood," said Woodward. “The job of civil servants is to find a way to bring the private into the mainstream. It really is almost a crime against any voter in this country not to somehow dismantle this barrier. "
Check out the interview here:
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