Black Mother Fatally Shot; White Man Confesses He Wanted to 'Teach Her a Lesson': Report

Shane Dale Perosi
Last week, a white man admitted fatally shooting a black woman in an alley in Enid, Oklahoma, and told police he did it to "teach her a lesson." An investigation into the shooting is ongoing, but officials are confident that his arrest will "close" the woman's family.
WFTV 9 reports that 30-year-old Shane Dale Perosi has been accused of maliciously gunned down 27-year-old Martika Ferguson. He is charged with first degree murder, possession of a firearm by a criminal, and destruction of evidence.
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The Enid Police Department has not released any information about what led to the shootings or what “lesson” Perosi was worth killing Ferguson's life, but a statement was released saying that EPD officers “on replied to a report by a woman who lied in the north alley of 700 block from West Nagel, "and that" the incident was originally reported by residents of the neighborhood who saw the woman lying in the alley before calling the police. "
Last Wednesday, the EPD released another statement that "officials and members of the department's SWAT team conducted a knock-free search on Perosi" and that evidence was found linking him to the murder. Perosi also reportedly confessed to the shooting and expressed no remorse for what he had done.
"During an interview with Perosi, he admitted to having shot Ferguson," it said. "Perosi said he did it to teach her a lesson. During his booking at Garfield County Detention Center, Perosi reiterated that he murdered Ferguson and said he was glad he did. Investigating the Ferguson's murder is ongoing. "
The statement also praised investigators who said the division "closed the victim's family and made our community safer by arresting their suspect."
Before Perosi was identified and arrested, Ferguson's mother, Effie Ferguson, told News 9 Oklahoma that her daughter has an 8-year-old son who is now grappling with the loss of his mother.
"It was sad but he knows he has me and dad," said Effie.
She also told reporters that Ferguson "had a few fights here and there" but that "she wasn't bad enough to be shot".
"My first thought was, will they come after us?" Ferguson said News 9 reported. "Who are they all after? What could she have done that was so terrible they would just shoot her? She wasn't a terrible girl. "
According to WFTV, investigators have not determined whether the race played any role in the shooting.

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