Bills fans donate to Lamar Jackson's favorite charity following concussion

Bills fans are donating to Jackson's favorite charity after the concussion originally occurred on NBC Sports Washington
After quarterback Lamar Jackson suffered a concussion in the fourth quarter of the Ravens' AFC Divisional Round game against Buffalo on Saturday night, hope for the Ravens season was lost.
Then Bill's fans appeared.
Bills fans donate to Lamar Jackson's favorite charity after the #Ravens QB left the game before Q4.

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- Allie Berube (@allieberube) January 17, 2021
After their second playoff win since 1995, Bills fans went to Reddit to find a way to support the ailing Jackson. Then a Bills fan found out that his favorite charity was the Louisville chapter of Blessings in a Backpack, a nonprofit charity that ensures that children who are fed through federal programs during the week don't go hungry on the weekend. Due to school closings due to the pandemic, the charity has turned its attention to ensuring that children who qualify for the program are fed every day.
Jackson donated $ 25,000 in profits to the organization from signing autographs back in January 2018.
It's a pretty noble gesture from Bill's mafia, sporty and goodwill that even inspires fans in the Ravens' subreddit area to follow suit. While it's unclear how much money Bills fans raised in Jackson's honor, the compassion shown after a playoff game was great.
In November, Bills fans donated over $ 200,000 to support Oishei Children's Hospital in Buffalo in honor of Josh Allen's late grandmother.
To make a donation to Blessings in a Backpack you can visit this link.

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