Bill Gates: Regeneron's Treatments Are Promising, But Not A 'Cure' For COVID-19

Bill Gates was cautiously optimistic on Wednesday about the experimental antibody cocktails from pharmaceutical company Regeneron, which President Donald Trump has touted as a "cure" for the coronavirus.
"The word 'cure' is inappropriate because it won't work for everyone," Gates told NBC's Chuck Todd when asked if Regeneron's monoclonal antibody cocktails would become major COVID-19 treatments in the near future. "But yes, of all therapeutics, this is the most promising."
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has allocated millions of dollars to research and testing of COVID-19 vaccines and most recently donated $ 15 million to support coronavirus testing at historically black colleges and universities in the United States.
The billionaire philanthropist said his foundation worked with drug companies like Eli Lilly on antibody treatments similar to Trump's cocktail, but stressed that those treatments are still inaccessible to average Americans without the full medical care of the president while he was with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center earlier this month.
"Very, very few people have had it because it's not approved and manufacturing is just underway," Gates said, adding that testing such treatments is a delicate process and cannot be rushed.
“Now the pharmaceutical companies are working together and sharing their capacities, focusing a lot on that. ... You don't want politicians to say that something should be approved because it is wrong to see political pressure as appropriate in these cases. I hope the FDA can get the data that looks pretty good within the next two months and get these [therapeutic treatments] out because we can save so few lives and get the death toll back here this fall. "
Gates has previously criticized the Food and Drug Administration, arguing that it was kidnapped and pressured by the Trump administration to approve a COVID-19 vaccine too quickly.
Regarding vaccines currently under trial, Gates speculated that emergency clearance would likely arrive "early next year," but added that the United States is still a long way from anything before life Pandemic.
"The only way to get back to normal is maybe not to have the first generation vaccines, but eventually to have a vaccine that is very effective, that many people are taking and that we can eliminate worldwide." said the Microsoft co-founder.
Check out the full NBC interview below.
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