Barack Obama Thinks People Are Looking Forward To 1 Particular Thing In The Joe Biden Era

Former President Barack Obama predicted that Joe Biden's presidency will provide welcome relief to many Americans from the chaos of the Donald Trump era.
In a socially distant interview on Tuesday on The Late Show, Obama told host Stephen Colbert that he believed people were "exhausted from this constant cage match of the World Wrestling Federation" Trump Administration and now just want to feel like this when a day goes by without something crazy from the White House dominating. "
Under Biden, the United States "has the potential to return to a presidency that actually watches and seeks to do what is right of all people, not just some people," he said.
Obama also criticized the "shambolic nature" of Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic, noting "it would have been good policy" to handle the crisis well.
He said the outgoing president "exceeded" his fears and explained why he was running for president even though former first lady Michelle Obama didn't want him to do so. Then he was "knocked down" by Colbert in a game of waste paper basketball.
"I lost my prey to Stephen Colbert," joked Obama after his defeat.
Check out the first part of the interview here:
The second segment here:
And Colbert's old basketball win over Obama here:
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